How To Troubleshoot a Rheem 90 Plus Furnace – Rheem Gas Furnace

Rheem 90 plus gas furnace comes with an energy efficiency rating of 90 percent and it contains hot surface ignition, remote sensor, one-shot burners, and other devices that make a furnace top notch.

Troubleshoot a Rheem 90 Plus Furnace

One can buy a Rheem 90 plus furnace either online if you wish to buy a new one from the comfort of your home, or you can visit an offline store and look for furnaces.

Once you get a furnace it becomes essential to keep good care of it. Here in this article, we have discussed some troubleshooting errors that one may encounter while starting accessing the device.

 Some Rheem 90 Plus Furnace Troubleshooting Errors

  • Furnace not putting out heat: In some cases, the furnace doesn’t work properly and is not able to put out the heat. Even if it is turned on and it is working, the heat isn’t released.
  • Ignition problem: The furnace refuses to ignite. You turn on the ignitor but it fails to turn on the furnace unit.
  • Sometimes, the furnace unit may run hotter than expected. When you touch it, you will get to know if it is pretty hotter than normal.
  • The furnace’s heater continues to run even if you shut down. Even if you set it to the lower level, yet its heater neither decreases heat nor turns off, even after reaching the settled point.
  • Some rooms are heated well while on the other hand, others remain unchanged. There can be cases when some rooms get warm as expected while others don’t get the heat completely.
  • You get a higher gas bill than your usage.

How To Troubleshoot a Rheem Classic 90 Plus

This was done by the gas company or any other technician as it involves danger. However, if you still wish to continue be sure that you turn off the furnace first and unplug the power cord from the switchboard. Take out the control door and wait for some time for the gas to be cleaned in the lines constructed.


Before you begin working with the troubleshooting step, be sure that you don’t smell any gas. If you smell gas, contact the fire extinguisher department.

For troubleshooting the furnace, you will need the following:

  • One cordless drill for servicing the parts.
  • ΒΌ inch or 5/16 inch nut driver.
  • Handheld vacuum. 
  • Multi- Meter for testing the thermocouple.
  • Screwdriver.

Steps To Troubleshoot Rheem 90 Plus Furnace

  • Remember the time when we plug the charger cord into our phones but forget to turn on the charger switch? Well, something like that is the most overlooked issue in furnaces. Make sure that your furnace is on.
  • Check if the thermostat point is set to a temperature higher than the indoor temperature. Even if still nothing works, reset it by pressing the reset button. If still, your furnace doesn’t work, you may wish to contact the company.
  • Look at the thermostat batteries constantly and replace them with new ones whenever it’s time.
  • If the bill from the gas company seems to be too high for your usage, chances are, you may have installed an inefficient device. Ask for professional help and get the device replaced with an efficient one.

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Rheem Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

  • In case the Rheem furnace is way too hot, touch the door of the combustion chamber. If the combustion chamber door is hot, there is a chance that the system is facing a blockage. You may be required to clean the chimney, combustion chamber, duct, and pipe. Check for a heat exchanger and gaskets and get them replaced if required.
  • If you feel that only some rooms are getting heated while the others are not, go and check for the vent of each room. In case you get a room with no heating, clean the duct and check for proper piping.
  • If you feel no heat and no gas smell out of the furnace, switch off the power plug and remove the cord from the switch. Remove the control door and wait for some time for air in the lines to be cleaned. Now, remove the filter from the front. Clean the filter with a vacuum. In case you wish to use water and detergent to clean the filter, air dry it completely before you reinsert it into the furnace.

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