Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace Troubleshooting Common Problems

Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace – Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American Commercial company. It is one of the largest heating and cooling manufacturers in North America.

Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace

The company produces and sells its products under the Ruud brand name. Its other subsidiaries are Raypak, Pro stock, all under Paloma Industries. Rheem’s is an excellent mid-range brand that offers several top quality products at a competitive price. It produces a variety of home and commercial appliances, such as:

  • Water Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Heating and Ventilating Equipment
  • Air Conditioners
  • Pool and Spa Heating
  • Commercial Refrigeration products

It started in 1925 by Richard and Donald Rheem in Emeryville, CA. It started as a supplier of packaging to the petroleum industry.  Its current headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Popular Rheem Products

Rheem has produced several innovative, high-efficiency heating and cooling products throughout the years. Below is a list of a few of them from their long range of products:

Water heaters

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Hybrid Water heaters
  • Tank-Type Gas water heaters
  • Specialty Water Heaters

Heating and Cooling

  • Furnaces
  • Air Conditioners
  • Cooling Coils
  • Air Handlers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Mini Splits

Air Conditioners

  • Prestige series
  • Classic Plus series
  • Classic series: Single-stage and two-stage

Rheem 90 Plus Furnace

The Rheem Classic 90 plus series consists of single and two-stage gas furnaces. These 90 percent of furnaces use multistage burners that sense the heating requirements of the home or building.

This line of furnaces designed to use for a long time. These burners have several features, which make them a sound buy:

  • It senses the heating requirement and automatically shifts to its energy-conserving mode.
  • This mode lowers operating costs.
  • It also conserves resources and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • It offers up to 95 percent AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).
  • The Rheem Classic 90 plus models are easy to install.
  • They have a low, 34-inch profile for upflow, horizontal, and downflow configurations.
  • They are very quiet during their operation with a soft operating PCS motor.
  • Also, they have an insulated blower compartment and a slow open gas valve.
  • It has improved furnace efficiency.
  • The Classic 90 has a few additional features, like
  • Aluminized Steel heat exchanger.
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Remote sensor
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet, for durability and protection.

Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace Common Problems

The Rheem Classic 90 plus has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. The lifespan of the furnace depends on three factors:

  • How well it maintained?
  • If it installed properly or not
  • How often the furnace used?

Below are some of the most issues experienced by a Rheem Classic 90 plus, during its life:

  • The furnace stops putting out heat. After turning it on, It heard working but does not give out heat.
  • The furnace does not ignite, even after pushing the ignitor.
  • The heater does not automatically shut off after it reaches the set point.
  • The unit runs hotter than normal. The unit only heats some rooms and stops working in the others.
  • The gas bill starts running exceptionally high.
  • Also, the customer starts receiving notices of their high energy consumption.
  • The furnace starts leaving a strong gas smell.
  • Furnace owners will be able to see a lot of soot.

How To Troubleshoot Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace

If the furnace is experiencing any of the above issues, a professional serviceman should be notified. They used as a DIY guide.

  • Standard maintenance check periodically, for the furnace to work properly.
  • The furnace units cleaned before starting it for the winter season.

Some common Rheem classic series troubleshooting ways mentioned below:

  • Thermostat Batteries

The batteries should be checked and replaced if need be.

  • Power

It is an issue that can be overlooked. Check if the furnace is plugged into the wall and turned on. It should be checked if the thermostat set point is higher than the indoor room temperature. Press the reset button (not more than twice).

  • Fuses

The fuse wires can be black or the wires can be broken. The fuse should be replaced in such a case.

  • The furnace

If there is no heat or gas smell, the furnace should be turned off. Switch off the gas control and change the filter. The furnace should be cleaned with warm water and switched on back again.

  • The Igniter

If the igniter is not on, then relight the pilot. Check the pilot area and the current arches. Replace the transformer if the current is weak. Replace any corroded or broken wires and electrodes. Change the pilot thermocouple if all the previous items check.

Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace Troubleshooting

  • The Combustion Chamber

Clean the chimney, the duct pipe, and the combustion chamber. Check and replace the heat exchanger and gaskets if broken.

  • The Vent

Any broken or crushed piping should be replaced. Clear any obstruction from the interior vents.

  • Replacing the Thermostat

If the heater is running at a high even after setting a low set point. Change the thermostat.

  • Efficient Appliances

If the gas bill is more than normal. It could be because of an additional inefficient appliance.

  • Emergency Advice

If a person sees soot or smells gas, they should leave the house immediately. Call the fire department or the local gas company.

Users can refer to these mentioned troubleshooting ways for their furnace in case of emergencies. The periodic maintenance of the rheem classic 90 plus light codes done by a professional.

People Also Ask On Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace

What is a Rheem 90 plus furnace?

A 90 plus furnace has several multistage burners. They can sense the heating requirements of a home and set the base temperatures accordingly.

How often should I get my Rheem Classic 90 plus furnace serviced?

Your gas furnace should be serviced once a year ideally right before the heating season.

What will be the AFUE of a 20-year-old furnace?

It depends on the maintenance of the furnace. However, it can have an AFUE of about 78%.

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