Top Common Lennox Furnace Error Codes And Solution

Every machine has its unique way to communicate with the users. Either they stop working when some issue is there in its proper functioning. Or they either turn on a light or show some error code which means different faults.

Lennox Furnace Error Codes

Your Lennox Furnace is no different. You can check for any LEDs blinking on your device and look for them here in the list to check if any solution is available for you to fix the machine on your own.

However, we suggest that you may take care of the machine on your own in some issues. However, in any other troubles, contacting the company is the best one can do.

Common Lennox Furnace Error Codes

Without wasting any time, let’s find out what are some popular error codes that you can look for:

  1. LEDs are turned off: There must be a fault in the broker box. You may try restarting the fuse if it is in an off position.  LEDs turned off means your furnace isn’t able to start. Just restart it once and if it still fails, contact the company.
  2. One light blinking quickly and the other one slowly: This error code means power polarity has changed. Your furnace seems to be having wiring issues and this you shall not try fixing on your own. Call the company.
  3. One light stable and the other blinks slowly: This indicates that flame rollout is having functioning problems. This is a crucial safety tool that helps you prevent fire. You may ask for professional help in this error.
  4. The first one flickering slowly and the other one fast: This shows that the furnace might not have sufficient voltage to work normally. Call customer care if you see this.
  5. All lights blinking slowly: This indicates that the blower motor of the furnace is not working properly. This part is responsible for transferring hot air. Hence, ask for technical help if you see this error.
  6. Both lights show alternate blinking: This indicates your heater has flame issues. Technicians will help you resolve the problem. Call the customer care.
  1. One light flickers slowly and the other remains the same: This shows that your furnace system’s limit switch had some error. This switch is an important part as it doesn’t allow the furnace to overheat.
  2. Issues with on and off: This could probably mean, the furnace motherboard is experiencing some problem.
  3. Both the lights show alternate rapid blinking: This indicates the furnace ignitor is not working properly.  


Your Lennox Furnace is a great thing to work with. But the problem starts when it starts to show some lights flickering in the system. Though there can be situations when you can fix the furnace on your own, there can be some situations where technical help will be the best option to go with.

Above, we have discussed some most common blinking errors one could experience while using the furnace. Check if you have any one of the above and ask for professional help immediately.

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