What is an HVAC system – How does HVAC systems work

HVAC is abbreviated as Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning. HVAC system provides a good and comfortable environment for the indoors. It ensures a safe air quality and thermal comfort for the humans.

HVAC System

This system has been designed to improve the environment of indoor. HVAC system is used in every indoor, be it commercial or residential building. It provides both heating and cooling effect in indoor as per condition. HVAC system focuses to use outdoor fresh air to provide improved air quality to indoor. This system has been very popular in different buildings for providing cozy indoor environment.

HVAC system aims to provide a toxic free environment by removing harmful gases, bacteria, dust etc. It controls the humidity levels and temperature as per the condition. It also removes excess carbon dioxide from the indoor.

What does HVAC system comprise of?

 HVAC system provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning properties. It helps to ensure a safe environment for the humans. All the three properties are very essential for good indoor environment.

Heating – heating is used in the system to heat the air present in the indoor. HVAC system provides a warm and serene condition. This system consists of boiler and furnace to heat and steam water. The heat is transferred through pipe system it is done by using radiators.

Ventilation – ventilation basically refers to movement of air in and out. HVAC system provides a mechanical operation to circulate air in and out. By this system air gets filtered ensuring all the contaminants and moisture is removed. Ventilation helps in replenish oxygen.

Air-Conditioning – HVAC system includes air conditioning, this helps in removing heat from the indoor. Air conditioner controls the humidity of the space and provides a cozy environment.

How Does a HVAC System Work?

HVAC system is primarily based on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. These principles control the whole HVAC system. This system is used to provide heating and cooling properties to your indoor. It used in every indoor like homes, building, hotels, school, hospital etc.

The very basic working of HVAC system firstly involves intake of outdoor air. After collecting the air it gets filtered by using filters. The filtered air then moved through cooling coil which takes out the humidity from the air.

Next, it is then supplied through the duct to the air handling unit for the further filtration process. After the filtration it is supplied to the respective space. It is supplied according to the required temperature and humidity in the room.

Different Parts Of HVAC System

There are different parts of the system which continuously works to provide you a suitable environment.

Air exchange – This system include air exchange part which help in the ventilation process. This part helps to draw air in and out and passes it through a basic filter.

Thermostats – thermostats main function is to control the hot and cold air and provide the required air.

Furnace – furnace in the system used to heat air as needed according to the indoor environment. There are various sources to heat, like electric pumps and solar energy.

Ducts – HVAC system includes channels to pass the air and called ducts. Ducts carry hot and cold air as required.

Condenser – the condenser found in the outdoor. It filled with refrigerant gas. Condenser functions to convert refrigerant gas to a liquid, when it is in cooled form. It then supplied to the evaporator coil.

Coils – the coils help the system to cool the air. It also converts the liquid from the condenser into the gas form.

Blower – blower basically gives the warm air to the indoor through the pipes.

Vents – vents are the most important part, which designed to exchange air in and out from the ducts.

Difference between HVAC and air conditioning

HVAC is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. So, it is clear that air conditioning is just a unit of HVAC system. Air conditioner used to cool the sorrounding air. But HVAC system used for both cooling and heating purposes.

The basic difference between HVAC system and air conditioner is that, HVAC heat, cool and ventilate. And air-conditioners are able to cool down the space.

Air conditioner primarily works to provide cool air to the indoor. There are two types of air conditioner window units and central Air conditioner. AC can be used with a heat pump to get both heating and cooling.

Top HVAC brands

HVAC is the most used system in the newly constructed houses and buildings. It provides fresh and quality air to the indoor. The top HVAC brands are:

Carrier air conditioners

Carrier air conditioner used by many people as it provides good functioning of the system. The HVAC system of carrier air conditioner designed with all the needed features and good standard.

Trane air conditioner

Trane air conditioner offers great air conditioner, gas furnace and heat pumps. It also known for its warranties. Trane has high SEER ratings.


Lennox one of the top air HVAC brand used by many people. It offers high efficiency and starts from 14 SEER ratings

American standard air conditioner

American standard air conditioner provides good conditioning with series of platinum, gold and silver. The range starts from 14 SEER up to 22 SEER. It said to be best for efficiency.

Amana central air conditioner

Amana central air conditioner offers affordable and quality products. It has high SEER ratings and good in efficiency. It also known for providing best HVAC warranties.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system HVAC ensures safe and comfortable environment for indoors. It used in heating cooling and ventilation purpose. HVAC system works on thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics principles. This system works with the help of different parts like air exchange unit, filter, ducts, exhaust coils and compressor.

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