Top 10 Best Furnaces Used In Homes And Industries

Furnaces are electronic devices that are capable of generating heat in a controlled way using the combustion of a source of fuel. The thermal energy which is then produced is used to provide heating effects to places such as rooms, houses, buildings etc. in industries and commercial areas, different types of furnaces are used because Furnaces they produce heat by processing commercial materials.


In this article we will talk about two types of furnaces-

  1. Furnaces used in home and buildings
  2. They used in industries for processing metals and other materials.

Furnaces Used In Homes

Furnaces produce heat for homes and buildings by letting heated air pass through ducts that will lead to rooms to warm them. The heat energy required for this is generated by using electricity, combustion of fuels or related means. The following are the methods or fuels which are used for heat energy generation-

  • Wood burning
  • Waste oil
  • Oil fired
  • Duel fuel
  • Electric
  • Gas fired

 Furnaces Used in industries

Furnaces that are used in the industrial areas use fuel or combustion gases to generate heat energy. The material used can be with direct contact with fuel and its gases (called blast furnaces). Can be in indirect contact with the fuel but directly in contact with its gases, such a furnace called a reverberatory, or it can be directly in contact with the fuels as well as the gases, such a furnace is called muffle furnace. No matter what method they use their main goal is to produce heat.

Features Of Furnaces

Heating levels having multi-stage

  •  Furnaces having high efficiency consist 2 or more heating levels.
  • During cool days, the furnace automatically increases up to high, or full capacity. During the spring season, the furnace mostly works on low settings, which is giving out warm air for a longer time.
  • Benefit: The exchanger of heat and ductwork has the capacity of staying warmer longer, which is more energy saving than again and again turning the burner on and off.

Variable speed blower motors

  • A blower is responsible for the controlling air circulation. The blower motor has different speed and has variable fan blower speed that enables it to make automatic adjustments to adapt to heating and cooling demands.
  • Benefit: A blower motor having variable speed consumes almost as less as 75% to 60% less power, and is long lasting than conventional blowing motors, and makes less noise as compared to standard blowers.

Top 10 Best Furnaces

  • American Standard Furnaces

It is one of the most trustable brands. The furnaces belonging to this company has fewer complaints regarding its heating units as compared to other brands in the HVAC industry. Even though its furnaces are expensive but its quality is very high and hence investing in this is a good idea.

  • Amana Gas Furnace Units

Amana gas furnaces are originally owned by Goodman Global which is also on the list of best brands. The products from this brand also known for great quality. All the HVAC units are available from this brand may it be air conditioners, heat pumps or furnaces. Although Amana is bigger than Goodman and so you may want to consider that point.

  • Bryant Furnaces

This brand has amazing Central gas furnaces that makes it the best for people wanting it at home. They can go up to 90% or more on the AFUE ratings. They are energy-savy and they have a lot of ranges depending on the model and heating needs.

  • Carrier Furnaces

This company has got the credit of inventing furnaces having modern features. They also have high quality. Consumer reports have also submitted high ratings for their furnaces. Its products are long lasting and have solid warranties, that is why HVAC technicians recommend this.

Best Furnaces

  • Daikin Furnaces

They have amazing cooling and heating features and this has been in this business since the year 1930 and it has standardized cooling and heating products. It provide really great customer service. They provide free HVAC unit issue maintenance till the first year of purchase of the furnace.

  • Goodman Gas Furnace

This is another top furnace company. They have a strong build quality and great warranty systems. This is budget friendly furnace for people looking for cheap furnaces.

  • Lennox furnaces

These are the furnace companies which have been in the picture since a long time. They have whole-home and Top notch central unit furnaces.ths is a great option for all of your HVAC installation requirements. They produce highly efficient furnaces.

  • Rheem Furnaces

This company founded in the year 1930. And even though this company produces great boilers and hot water heating machines, today it offers great cooling and heating options. The HVAC units manufactured by this company comes with comprehensive warranties.

  • Ruud Furnace Units

These are from a reliable brand and they have a whole line-up of cooling and heating machines. Consumer reviews have pointed to the fact that they are long lasting and are of high standardized quality. They even sell parts of furnaces and offer a solid warranty system on products.

  • Trane Furnaces

This company one of the industry’s top rated cooling and heating specialist. The company has been in the game since the year 1800, but it has been producing heating and cooling machines since 1916. This  company also offers humidifying machines along with heating and cooling settings.


This article has covered what a furnace is and what all features and brands have long lasting, top quality, solid warranty furnaces. You can choose the brand which best suits your need by visiting the official sites of these brands for better choice of selection.

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