Best Smart Thermostats That Work With Alexa

Thermostat is a device which senses temperature of a device or a physical system. It is a temperature regulating device which cools the system and heats the system based on the desired temperature we set. For example it is used in Air conditioners, Water Heaters, HVAC Systems, Kitchen equipment’s like ovens, refrigerators and many more. It actually works as a closed loop device which controls the temperature between the measured and desired temperatures. We also have automotive Thermostat which performs both the actions like sensing and controlling.

Now through this article we are going to explain how we can control or use Best Smart Thermostats That Work With Alexa. That is Thermostats work with C wire, Wifi, without C wire, with Google home and more. But here we are going to discuss Thermostats that work with Alexa. It is a virtual AI device which work with voice detection. So by using this Alexa we can control thermostats.

Best Thermostats That Work With Alexa

There are so many benefits and advantages on using this Thermostats for controlling our house hold devices using Alexa. These smart Thermostats that work with Alexa has many options and features in controlling and sensing the physical systems we use in our day to day life.

What Thermostats That Work With Alexa?

Vivint Element Thermostat
Nest Learning Thermostat
Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

These are the top best smart Thermostats that work with Alexa 2020. So in the coming sections we are going to give all the features and how it works in detail.

Ecobee – It is one of the best Thermostats Compatible with Alexa. A new smart thermostat with voice control and a very modern design. It has a vivid touch display with a quad core processor. It also includes a far field voice recognition feature. By using this Ecobee Smart Thermostat we can play music using Spotify connect. Also, know the weather updates and much more.

Ecobee introduced many versions with fancy features. Those models include Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat that work with Alex, Ecobee4, ecobee smart thermostats and few more with different sensors, prices and dimensions.

Vivint Element Thermostats – As everyone know a smart home deserves a smart Thermostats. So by this Vivint Element Thermostats you can get that. Its a smart assistant device with best service. Free voice control using alexa is the best feature included to it. In looks, the product is awesome and coming to the installation part, it is done by professional in easy and simple steps.

Using this Vivint Element Thermostats with Alexa helps you to start your air conditioner, your refrigerators, garage door and few more. With this smart assistant tool you can exactly set your home temperature based on your requirement. One can also do manual adjustments using a smart home app on your device.

Nest Learning Thermostats – It is one of the best smart thermostats that work with alexa. This product is easier and safer to use. Also, its is one of the best affordable google nest product with amazing sensors. Coming to appearance it has high resolution screen with good look and a slim outfit. Safety is also included in this smart thermostats which helps in minimizing the spread of flames in case of any fire out.

With this element you can save your time, energy and money. By sitting in one place and using a voice command we can easily take control over the temperature in the home. So this Nest Learning Thermostats with Alexa is affordable, easy to use and has simple installation process. But the only drawback with this model is, it does not have any inbuilt sensors.

Honeywell Lyric Thermostat – Besides Nest, Ecobee thermostats Honeywell is also one of the top best rated smart thermostats that work with Alexa 2020. An optimal energy saving thermostats with less effort. It is simply a user friendly device which helps you to manage your home climate automatically. For more automation you can connect this smart thermostat with other smart things using different apps.

The main feature of this is it determines ones phone location and handles your HVAC System. But for this you need to enable Location tracking button on your smartphone. It has excellent monochromatic display screen and can also change the background of your preference. It optimizes temperature cleverly and displays it on your screen at right time.

The above discussed are few of the top best smart thermostats that work with Alexa. In all these there is a in built alexa where you can control your room temperature with your voice commands through thermostats. Though it is expensive, it is one of the best investment done to your home to manage temperature.

Apart from this Alexa there are also few more thermostats that work with amazon ecosystems, c wire and more. We will soon update them with sufficient information.

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