Why do they crank the a/c?

I don’t mean to sound like I am totally complaining, because I unquestionably prefer working at the grocery store. When I first started I just thought it would be something temporary. I thought it would basically be a part time task until I found something better… It turns out that the money isn’t bad, and the benefits are legitimately good. I get paid vacation off, and I prefer what I do, so why not stay and make a real job out of it! The only thing about the task I don’t like so much, and this makes me seem like a crybaby, is how ice-cold it is there. I task in the meat counter, which has its own dedicated air conditioner machine in the back room to keep everything especially cool. Also, I am right outside of the meat freezer, so I don’t even know why the AC machine is needed here at the counter. I have to wear a coat and gloves all day, occasionally even a scarf, because of those numerous levels of cooling all blasting at once. When I go back to my cabin at the end of the day, I never turn on my Heating and A/C machine. I haven’t used my central air conditioner at my lake cabin in many weeks, which ends up saving myself and others money on our utility bills. If it has been a truly chilly day at my task I might turn on the furnace a little bit, just to help get rid of the chill that I am feeling. I guess if my most serious complaint about my task is that the AC is too gelid, then I should count my blessings and keep punching the clock for many years down the road.

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