When there was no a/c

I don’t want to date myself, but my childhood years were in the late 60s back when in many different ways America was a honestly unusual locale than it is this month. My father was a math teacher for a middle university, and there is no way he could have been making that much cash. For some reason, on a university teachers salary he was able to support his wife and son. While we might not have owned a mansion and vacation home, all of us did own a decent home and never wanted for very much. Can you even imagine a university teacher in America this month being able to afford all of that? No way in hell. The people I was with and I did lack some amenities, however, like air conditioning and cable television, a lot of my close buddies had mothers and fathers who had started getting AC, or cable, and I was getting pretty jealous, however i started hanging out over at friends houses a lot more frequent. Only because of the novelty of air conditioning, or the risque material of this new channel called HBO. Where all of us were living, it never entirely got that hot, so the air conditioning entirely was just a status symbol, it wasn’t that vital. Where I live currently, so far south, AC is not something that I can live without for more than a few afternoons, back then it entirely just a novelty. It does seem weird to myself and others that one teacher was able to afford so much back then, things like AC were a lot more rare. These days we grind harder and make less, however pretty much all the people everywhere has both air conditioning and cable.

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