What the V in HVAC stands for

I never really knew how much I relied on our range hood until it stopped working altogether. I had never spent too much time in the kitchen in the past. Yet lately I have taken an interest in cooking shows. I really find it relaxing plus have been trying to replicate some of the recipes. After my shift, I will pour some wine, turn on a cooking show, plus get to task making a fancy meal. Although I never once thought about having it worked on or cleaned, I knew what a range hood was, plus the repair it gave. It turns out that Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialists also handle things care about range hood, which was a surprise to me. I always thought they only ever did things care about fixing A/Cs plus gas furnaces, but it turns out they do a lot more. Then the V in Heating, Ventilation plus A/C stands for ventilation, plus what I was suffering from was a ventilation problem. However a range hood is basically an air duct plus a fan which pulls the smoke plus smells out of the room.  Within minutes when it stopped really working, the whole condo got smokey plus stinky. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker who came out was legitimately nice. This person informed me that the range hood was so old plus caked with grime it needed to be totally updated. Luckily for me, something such as a range hood is not anywhere near as high-priced as a modern A/C, so the cost wasn’t that disappointing at all. I must admit, the ventilation from the modern range hood is much better than it has ever been before.