We’re heading home in a little bit

It was typically our dream to open a small bakery in our hometown.  It took me quite a few years to complete our education plus save up enough money to move forward with our plan.  I first purchased an older brick building on Main Street, which offered plenty of parking. I was thrilled that the building features the original hardwood floors, big front windows, pendant lighting plus exposed HVAC duct along the ceiling.  I made sure to have an inspector verify the condition of the plumbing, wiring, heating plus cooling before investing in the building. Once the sale was complete, I began renovations. I am fortunate that our father plus brother are extremely handy plus were willing to help.  The people I was with and I sanded down plus refinished the hardwood floors, replaced the vanity plus toilet in the lavatory, plus installed commercial grade ovens, coolers plus sinks. I purchased vintage-style display cases plus bistro tables plus chairs. The whole project was completed within about many weeks in the Spring.  The weather was nice plus cool, plus both of us were able to leave the doors plus windows open for ventilation rather than run either the heating or cooling system. Right before our grand opening, but, the weather warmed up plus I turned the thermostat down. The air conditioning rattled, wheezed plus spewed dust everywhere. Since our knowledge doesn’t include air conditioning repair, I instantly contacted an Heating plus A/C professional.  He determined that there was an serious buildup of contaminants within the HVAC duct plus air conditioning. This malfunction was caused because both of us had failed to cover the registers plus vents while in our renovation projects. I was relieved that professional cleaning solved the problem.