We have new types of HVAC needs

Well, I’ve never had so much people in my apartment at one time before, I can tell you one thing. This holiday season has been quite an experience of hosting & finding patience for all. To be fair, I think I’ve done a pretty outstanding task with it, all things put into consideration. Over the past month both of us had one tiny visitor first – my boyfriend’s son, who came to stay with us for the holidays. Then a couple & their young child also joined in the household, soon followed by my oldest buddy from back in my hometown. It was a little overwhelming, especially because the group was so diverse in age & preferences, especially when it came to the temperature control. Since one group came up from the heat & humidity of Florida, & my guest ventured down from the blustery & chilly rapidly increasing temperatures of IL, both of us had a few differences in temperature preference in the house! In my humble opinion, I like the temperature control set to heat the apartment to about 71 degrees while in the afternoon, & down to 65 at night, but for all of my guests, however, this was not hitting the mark… One group wanted the air temperature to be much higher, as they were chilly chilly in our “low” rapidly increasing temperatures. The other get together thought it was super hot from the moment she got off the plane, & couldn’t stop covered in sweat in the foreign rapidly increasing temperatures. No matter what both of us did, no one could get comfortable or find sleep at night because of the random temperature settings. Not only did my entire head get volleyed back & forth a few times over this visit, but so did the temperature control heat settings, to keep a long story short.

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