Want to have better a/c

When I went to college, I don’t remember there ever be any a/c in the classrooms.  I remember sitting in the classroom plus having it so warm that the sweat would be rolling down your back.  Everyone had the sweat stains plus no 1 thought anything about it. The only 1s who squirmed were the boys, if you tried to supply them a hug around their neck when you were dripping.  It would have been nice to have a/c, however every one of us were a small college district. Our college was old, plus no 1 gave it a hour thought. All of us would go home to our homes that didn’t have a/c.  There would be fans running to help cool it off. The shades would be pulled to help keep the sunshine out of the house. That way it would be cool since there was no solar heating. Now, people want their shades pulled at night, plus the sunshine coming in while I was in the afternoon.  That is a nice concept, however it does not keep out the solar heat. Instead it is easier to rely on the a/c. Air conditioning is in nearly every home. That is why I decided to go to college for heating, ventilation, plus a/c when I graduated from high college. It took myself and others nearly 2 years to get our certification plus I have entirely  been enjoying finally working for the local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company. In a couple of years, I am hoping to be able to beginning a heating plus a/c company of our own.

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