Trouble with the air conditioner repair

I live way out in the country, on a dirt road, surrounded by woods.  I absolutely love the privacy and solitude. I have no neighbors and rarely see a car drive by.  Getting groceries, filling the car with gas, and accessing any businesses is a lengthy drive for me.  I don’t really mind. My biggest problem is when service professionals need to come to me. Delivery men and UPS workers always have trouble locating my house.  Even following GPS to my location is a bit tricky. So when my air conditioner malfunctioned last summer, I knew it would be a problem getting an HVAC contractor to the house.  I called an HVAC company, scheduled a repair and explained the challenge of locating my home. The guy assured me they’d arrive right on time the following day. I wasn’t all that surprised when nobody showed up.  After waiting several hours, I called the HVAC company back again. This time, the guy paid a bit more attention when I detailed the directions. Since I was going completely without air conditioning, I was eager for repair.  The outside temperature was consistently in the high eighties with extreme humidity. My house was horribly overheated and sticky feeling. Although I opened the windows and started up a few box fans, there was no way to combat the heat without central cooling.  Plus, in my location, I have major concerns with bugs. I don’t like to have the windows open. The following day, I made sure to stand at the end of my driveway and flag down the HVAC contractor.

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