Tropics and a/c

             My girlfriend and I just got back from a trip to the Caribbean.  Neither one of us had ever been there before, so it was a new kind of adventure for us. We spent more than three weeks in the tropical temperature, and compared to where we live, it was like a whole new world. In this high north, we get Winter times which last half the year, and the other half of the year isn’t much warmer… Part of me wished we hadn’t gone to the islands, because it made coming home guess a lot more dismal than I would have imagined. It’s not that we don’t know what air conditioning is up here, but just that it isn’t something that we need.

                We have never had an air conditioner in our house, and only a couple of times a year do we even think about getting one. Down in the islands, one couldn’t imagine living without having A/C of some kind. It was great on the beach, of course, but so hot and humid usually, we would rush back to the resort to get back to some cooling. It was like the polar opposite of home, and I imagine most homes down there don’t even bother having a furnace!

                    Even if it does get cold, and I don’t know that it ever does, a little area heating system would be adequate to keep you warm. After all, we visited the islands during the Wintertime, and it was still hot enough to require an air conditioner most of the time. What does that tell you?

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