Traveling to the arctic circle

About a month ago I had some friends travel to the arctic circle.  They had done all the planning for months and made sure to bring enough cold weather gear for their future outdoor adventuring.  When they arrived, it was colder than they could have ever imagined. Even with all of their warm clothes layered on they were freezing. After arriving they quickly realized they would have to purchase more clothes if they wanted to do all of the outdoor activities they had planned for their trip.  The had rented a home that was pretty close to a well known glacier and tons of other hiking and climbing opportunities. When they checked into their rental for the week, they quickly realized that the home was not as climate controlled as they had hoped. It was freezing inside and the thermostat was set to 65 degrees.  It was certainly not 65 degrees inside. However, they did have a fireplace with plenty of wood to be burned. So, once they got in the rhythm of things, they would build a fire at night before bed, and build another in the morning so that when they arrived back home after that days activities the house would be nice and toasty for them.  When they told me that their heater wasn’t working in the arctic circle I couldn’t believe it. I thought that would be something that would be top of their list to keep properly maintained. I guess they just assumed that if the heater went out the fireplace would work just as well. The heating crisis was pretty short lived, but kind of scary nonetheless!

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