Transcribing in AC

When I used to work in fast food, I was miserable. The hours were terrible and the pay was even worse. I hated being around the smell of grease all day long, I didn’t get along with any of my coworkers, and the customers could be so awful. So, when a friend suggested I try working at home as a transcriber, I was happy to give it a shot. I started just doing it in my spare time but, when I saw I would be able to make a sustainable income from it, I gladly quit my job to start transcribing full time from the comfort of my home. Setting my own hours was amazing, but the best part was finally being able to work in an environment I liked; my own home! I could wear whatever I wanted, get snacks when I wanted, work in bed, and set my temperature control to whatever I wanted it to be. My heating and cooling was in my control, unlike at the restaurant where it was always too hot back in the kitchen or too cold at the cash register where an AC vent would always blow cold air directly on the employee. To relax in bed, or in my living room, in my pajamas, working on my laptop at whatever time of day pleased me, with my furnace or air conditioner running at the temperature I desired: it was a dream come true. I could work a few hours one day, or not at all, and work a full day if I had the time to do so. There was no shortage of audio files to be transcribed, and the pay was great. I could not be happier than I am now, transcribing for a living.

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