Time to upgrade the HVAC

The summer seasons around here are wicked, so my spouse and I have been saving up ever since last summer season! We were going to blast through this summer season with a new cooling system, just like we had been planning. So with enough in our bank account to get a entire new system, we hit the neighborhood to visit as many different dealers as we could. We I wanted to price compare as best as we could, and to see if anyone gave any wonderful incentives for a large dollar purchase! Not only is this kind of purchase expensive, but it is also something you have to live with for a decade or two. We were not going to invest in a new Heating and Air Conditioning plan until we were 100% it was the best price for the best system. So we visited multiple Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealerships in town, and then drove to the next neighborhood over to check out the stores over there. We found there was not a lot of price difference between the different major brands of a/c, but there was a lot of variance in the extras; One Heating and Air Conditioning contractor gave free upgrade, while a couple of others gave a free annual maintenance plan for the system.  We finally settled on one of the heating and cooling corporations that was the closest to our home, and it also came with the annual Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance plan, which was wonderful because we get multiple free maintenance calls each year. If we ever had any troubles with the cooling system, the corporation was literally just around the block from us.

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