Tile floors need a radiant heater

Every Winter I consider getting radiant floors.  Currently, my family uses multiple electric heaters. We have a single upstairs unit along with multiple heating systems downstairs. They are all outdated, inefficient and barely provide any heating. I want to rip them all out and switch to radiant floors. The floors in our house get super cold. I blame it on the fact we have a full basement. The cold air enters the basement, then makes our first floor feel especially cold. I can barely tolerate to be in my kitchen, standing on the tile. I need to wear heavy socks and slippers everyday in the Winter. Working out is definitely a hardship because my feet tend to go numb. I believe electric radiant floors would be an improvement. I would pull up the old carpet and tile to then install the radiant heated flooring. The electric mats would fit throughout the first floor and provide generous heating. I would not even need to install the heated flooring into the second story of my house because it is warm enough up there anyway. The radiant flooring would be much cleaner, quiet plus way more efficient than what I am currently relying on. The only downside is that this type of heating equipment is super expensive. I also would need to pay to get the floors removed, plus then new floors put down. I would have to commit to this heating replacement with my entire savings account. It is stressful to invest in something so costly that is just used during the winter season.  However, during that season I am paying a fortune and not warm enough.

heated floors