Thought dishwasher didn’t work

Isn’t it the worst when you adamantly blame someone for a perceived wrongdoing, only to find out you’re totally off-base? I make these mistakes sometimes, because I’m a true believer in following my gut. As such, when puzzle pieces start to fall into place in my head, sometimes I jump the gun and make a few unfounded accusations that may or may not cause a big mess. Funnily enough, this same pattern has also occurred recently at home with the dishwasher in my rental house. SInce the day we moved in, the dishwasher has not done a good job. I’ve continually cursed the equipment, and we’ve had maintenance out to inspect the machine at least twice without resolution. I was literally about to scrap the stupid thing last week, when I just so happened to see an article about home boiler systems. Apparently, many older homes were equipped with somewhat untraditional hydronic heating systems, rather than forced air furnaces. This was caused by a big push for increased energy efficiency, as well as reduced heating equipment footprint within the house. You see, rather than separately heating air to warm the house, and tap water to supply hot water throughout the facility, homebuilders began installing these coupled boiler systems. That way, you heat air and water all at once, cutting down on energy expenditure. Suddenly everything clicked in my head; the terrible indoor air quality in winter coupled with the terrible dishwasher performance. It wasn’t my dishwasher’s fault that my plates came out dirty, the poor machine wasn’t receiving enough hot water to do the job! I didn’t need a new dishwasher, I needed to update my home heating system.

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