They are hoping for a new heat pump

When my wife and I discovered that both of us were going to have a baby, both of us were both nervous, excited, and totally ready to move, but my wife and I already felt a bit cramped in our small 2 study room apartment. We were starting to think a move to a house would be good, before my wife heard the nice news, when both of us realized that a baby would make several, we each carefully started checking out all of the real estate ads in our city. My wife plus I had to do some research, so both of us I could see where the market located our condo. My wife plus I were happily surprised to find that our home was estimated at a pretty good nice value. However a realtor helped us with an open house, and we each learned that several offers on the home in the very first morning. The people I was with and I listed the home at 199,000. The people I was with and I learned that more than one offers at 170,000, and another offer at max asking price. The offer at max asking price wanted us to pay for a totally new carpets, brand new appliances, plus a brand new heat pump plus a/c machine. My wife plus I thought it was silly to ask us to pay for all of these items, but the heat pump plus a/c unit was only several years old, plus it seemed viable for another more than five or six, even though my wife plus I were excited to see an offer at full price, both of us didn’t want to upgrade the heat pump, a/c machine, and definitely not the carpets. My wife plus I waited for several weeks, before our realtor found us a fine offer. We eventually sold the home plus bought a beautiful home in the countryside, I feel that the new baby will care about her or her new room.