These are my only options

I remember when I was younger, my childhood home had one of those huge wall air conditioning units.  I had never seen anything so big. And my little mind just couldn’t understand how it was still hanging in the window!  This was the only air conditioner we had in the whole house. Of course, it was in the living room. So you could imagine the heat the rest of the house must have felt in the dead of summer.  We would pull out the fans every night and put them in front of our doors to draw in the cooler air, in turn, cooling down our rooms. I couldn’t imagine what someone would think if they walked into our house in the middle of the night.  The noise must’ve been so loud. One day we realized that it wasn’t cooling down in the living room as it normally should be. We noticed that the air conditioner was not blowing out cold air, but cool air. We went to the phone book to find an air conditioner service technician that could come out and fix it.  When they came to look at the air conditioner they pulled out the filter, that we didn’t even know existed, and it looked black. Upon further inspection, he noticed the air conditioner needed a good tune-up and more refrigerant. This was why it wasn’t blowing cold air. It took a couple of hours for the air conditioner repairman to finish.  But when he did, it felt like a cool heaven in the house. I remember having one of the best night’s sleep that night.

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