Thermostat to low on the wall

I live with a couple of older folks and they are all freakishly large. Certain things in the condo are set up for older and large people and others are set up for normal sized people. The furniture is super big and I can’t sit on it easy. The stools and high top table are taxing for me and others to access. But, the smart control unit is set up to a decent height. This is sort of a problem though. All the older folks in the lake condo consistently brush the control unit. All of the sudden I will hear a blast and feel icy A/C come on. The older olk are shoulder or rib height with the control unit. The temperature control is a display screen. So you never know what you are going to turn on. I have returned lake condo in the cold season to the A/C going on high. I have also experienced heating in the Summer and no Heating plus A/C when the lake condo has to have it. It is all because of accidental touches. The older folks complain that the control unit is too small for them to comfortably fix. They hate crouching down in order to read the display. The group of them want me and others to set up the control unit to their massive height. I would have to get a step ladder in order to reach it or just never know what the display screen says.

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