The whole place had no air conditioning

I finally had the opportunity to go to Europe.  Unfortunately I went to Europe in the summer. Unlike the United State where everyone has air conditioning, I found very few hotels that had air conditioning.  I tend to take air conditioning, running water and indoor bathrooms, for granted. I guess I had just assumed that everyplace I went, would have air conditioning.  I walked into a couple of place that didn’t need air conditioning. I also stayed at a couple of areas that didn’t have any air conditioning units, at all. They did have big windows that were easy to open and I was able to get a cool breeze the entire time I was there.  I’m not sure I could have slept without the breeze. There were several shops that didn’t have any air conditioning. I talked to some of the people and they told me that air conditioning is just a waste of their money. I really don’t want to be one of those people who goes to visit other countries and just complains about everything that is wrong with them.  I am just pointing out the differences. I love the trip we took to Europe, and I really to be able to go again. For now, I am ready to be home. I missed cat, and my air conditioning. I missed shopping in air conditioned store. I think that the next time I decide to return to Europe, I’m going to have to book the trip for a cooler period, so I don’t worry about not having air conditioning.

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