The Snowflake Ball

Last winter, my boyfriend and I went to a big fundraiser for local charities. The non-profit running the benefit called it The Snowflake Ball. The dance was set up inside the penthouse of one of the large fancy hotels downtown. It was so beautiful inside! Every table had a beautiful floral centerpiece, there were candles everywhere, and they had a little machine that made it look like it was snowing when we were dancing out on the polished wood dance floor. Everyone looked super classy – everyone dressed up for this event and so it was very formal and fancy. The air conditioning was set at a very low temperature, I noticed. I wondered at first if they chose to lower the temperature to fit with the theme of The Snowflake Ball. Did they want it to feel like it was actually snowing in there, since the air conditioning kept the ballroom so cold? I was actually freezing and trying to cover up my cold arms with a tablecloth at one point, since I’d checked my coat already. But then, the dancing began. After a couple of waltzes and one very tame foxtrot, I began to warm up. But then, when we started the tango, things got completely out of control. The dance floor was filled to capacity and everyone was really getting into the dancing! It was then that I realized why the non-profit event coordinators had the A/C set so low at the beginning of the night. They knew that once the dancing started in earnest, all of that body heat would really raise the temperature in the ballroom!

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