The HVAC Service People

When I use the services of any company, I like the employees to be friendly and knowledgeable. If they know their stuff but have no likeable personalities, I don’t like to deal with that company. It does not matter what kind of company it is, but it is especially true of any company that sends workers into your home. For example, HVAC companies that send in HVAC service technicians. I used to use an HVAC company that is very well known in my city. They bought big yellow pages ads when the yellow pages were a thing. Now, they have a lot of TV commercials and fancy websites. Because they are such a big and well-known HVAC company, it seemed logical to call them, right? Well, maybe so but maybe not. One time, the HVAC company sent out a heating and cooling specialist because I called for a service call. My a/c just didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the demand the hot weather was placing on it. Well, when the HVAC service tech arrived, he was less than friendly. He hardly spoke a word to me, and when I asked him questions, I could swear I saw him roll his eyes. This is no way for the a/c guy to behave; I mean, after all, it is costly to have heating and cooling services done to your HVAC system, and you definitely don’t need someone copping an attitude. As a result of that bad encounter with that HVAC service tech, I stopped using that HVAC company. I asked all my friends who they use and searched around for the nicest people and good prices. I have been happier with my heating and cooling company ever since then.

HVAC serviceman