the HVAC repair job

I work in a very tied up Heating plus Air Conditioning service building. The bulk of my colleagues and I are responsible for many or more than three repairs yearly, but there can be times when things become super busy, but most of the time things are the same. As of late, I was sent out to check on someone’s gas furnace. They were whining about poor airflow, and asked if all of us could investigate the heating problem. I was put on the job, and I met with the purchasers yesterday. The largest problem was some ductwork troubles that needed to be fixed. The airflow was decreased, because many parts of the ductwork needed to be resealed, and above the master study room, one of the pieces of ductwork was really detached. I quoted the client a decent price for the ductwork repairs after. The client asked if I could go any lower, and I searched the company ad for a coupon. I found a coupon that provided 10% off, which saved our client another $50 to $100. That was truthfully the lowest I could go, however the client still wasn’t pleased. The client asked me if I would be willing to make the repairs for money. I told the client that was fine, however all of us would still charge the exact same amount. That’s when the client asked myself and others to come back later and fix the ductwork. She really wanted me to accept the cash to fix the ductwork on our own time. I wasn’t going to risk our job for a couple of hundred dollars, and I calmly told the client that this was simply impossible. I left the estimate and excused myself from the property. I do not assume if they will call me back.

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