The flowers needed some cooling

My daughter was getting ready to get married in three days, and we had family and friends arriving from all over.  My husband and I thought it would be best if we didn’t have anyone staying with us. My daughter wanted to get married in the backyard, and she would have to get ready in the house.  We told everyone this before they confirmed their coming to the wedding, and we were able to secure a block of rooms in the closest hotel, for a really good rate. My favorite uncle showed up and he had brought his van.  He asked if it would be okay to sleep in his van in the driveway. I was really hesitant and I wanted to say to to him. He said that he everything he needed in the van, including heating and air conditioning. He said he would like to plug the van in for the three days he would be there, but he wouldn’t bother anyone.  We went out and looked at the van, and sure enough, he had a window air conditioner in the window. We asked him to point that part of the van toward the house, so others couldn’t see it. Keeping to her promise, I didn’t hear anything from him, except the sound of the air conditioner. The day of the wedding, we had to pick up all of the flowers.  It was extremely hot outside, and my refrigerator wasn’t going to be cool enough to keep the flowers fresh. My uncle told us that he could turn the air conditioner down low, and it would be fine to put all of the flowers inside his van. I was so glad to be able to use the van with the air conditioning.

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