The ductwork in our building is a little bit dirty

I’ve worked in dirty, dingy warehouses for the past decade. The work was always physically demanding, but in a way I found it relaxing. Maybe it was due to the simple mental requirements that came with operating heavy machinery or filling out orders for customers, but as long as you expressed some common sense and didn’t mind getting dirty, the job was easy as could be! These days though, I’m pushing forty in my years and have to slow down a bit if I want my body to last. So, I switched my career path, and now I work in an office space that handles the book-keeping for warehouses like the one I used to work in. While I certainly enjoy sitting in a comfy chair all day to crunch numbers, I find that the air quality in this office building is somehow worse than the air quality in a warehouse! I’m not sure what could be causing it, but I know I’ve seen the HVAC service truck outside the office three times in the past two months. On the most recent visit, I decided to ask our department secretary about the HVAC service technician and his frequent visits. She explained that the ductwork for this building is the original ductwork from when it was first built – almost fifty years ago! I couldn’t imagine what kind of filth could be found in the air ducts. It’s no wonder the air quality is so poor in this office! I think I’ll have to invest in a portable air purifier to keep at my desk, just so I can at least make sure the air around me is clean and easy to breathe in without triggering an allergic reaction.