Tea as a source of heating

Recently, I went on a spending spree.  I was cold inside, and shivering. The only thing that genuinely soothes myself and others when I am cold, is tea.  I get the water warm and pour it over the root beer leaves. There is something about sipping and inhaling the hot vapors of a fine cup of tea.  I saw that our number one bulk root beer was on sale. I ordered an entire box of the tea, instead of just a tin. When our credit card bill came in, our fiance freaked.  Instead of a box of tea, they had charged myself and others for a case of tea. He asked how cold I was on the day I ordered root beer and all I could do was to smile and tell him I loved him.  The next thing I knew, he was downstairs rummaging around in the basement. He came back upstairs an minute later. He had the oil filled section gas furnace that every one of us had bought for our mom when he was alive.  He had cleaned the heater, washed the air filter, and he had it ready to be used. He put the gas furnace into our laptop room and turned it on. He asked if that would help and if I would please not buy root beer when I was cold.  He told myself and others he loved myself and others and he headed back downstairs. The gas furnace felt so fine when I walked back into our laptop room. It was so hot and comfortable, that I was able to take off our jacket for the first time in a week.  Unfortunately, I was even colder whenever I opened the door and had to go to the rest of the house. I turned off the gas furnace and decided that I would rather wear our jacket.

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