Storage locker filled with AC equipment

I love to buy abandoned storage lockers. I still have a full time job, of course. It’s not like on the tv show where I make a living by purchasing the storage lockers and selling the valuable contents. No, this is more of a hobby. I go to auctions at storage facilities every weekend I get a chance, but I may got for weeks at a time without buying a locker. It has to be the right one, at the right price. But when I do find the perfect locker, I always have enough cash to make sure I get what I want. This happened a few weeks ago when I found a locker filled with expensive HVAC equipment. Everyone there could instantly see the resale value in so many HVAC components, and the bidding went a little high, but I got it. My best guess is that the guy who rented the locker was a sales rep for an HVAC company, or maybe he was just an oddball collector. There were three different kinds of portable air conditioners, to start with. I found six different models of space heater, each one in a different color and style. But there was so much more in there, including an old fashioned water boiler that was big enough for an office building. Still in a box was a contraption I could not identify, so I took a picture and did a Google image search to discover it was a geothermal heat pump, one that was specialized to go with most of the other HVAC equipment in the locker.  

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