Road trip and we did not have any a/c

Traveling abroad sometimes gives me the ability to experience weird cultures and people that I never would have if I’d stayed in my small village all my life.  I like my family and the friends that I grew up with, however I’ve grown so much as a person by having worldly experiences. There is one modern convenience that I just can’t seem to let go, and that’s having a quality Heating and Air Conditioning program when I sleep.  Of course, I don’t need it if conditions are perfect and it’s a cool, Springtime evening with no humidity, however other than that small percentage of afternoons I need the consistency of a temperature controlled evening time environment. Most of the sites I’ve visited have had hotels or hostels with a/c and certainly oil furnaces.  But, some areas don’t know a/c is a necessity and it can be extravagant to pay the energy bills. I have suffered through evenings with no a/c, the air vents taunting me from above the bed, with no cool air coming out of them to relieve the hot, humid air. I will use fans in this situation of course, however it just pushes around hot air and you don’t get the same relief from the heat.  Occasionally there will be a bit of a compromise and a hostel or hotel will have a window device a/c. In my personal opinion, it’s not the same quality as a Heating and Air Conditioning central a/c, however it’s much better than no temperature control at all. So, while my travels have opened my views to modern cultures and ways of living, there are a few genuinely American parts of my culture I want to hold on to.  

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