Quality heating for the lawn crew

I’m hoping to trim my heating costs this winter.  I had noticed that my oil furnace in the basement was having some problems and had to probably have a piece replaced of some sort. I called the local heating and cooling dealer in town to set up an appointment for a certified heating and cooling specialist to come and fix it. They came, and once they replaced the oil furnace piece, I felt that it would be ready for the freezing weather now.  With a now better-working oil furnace, I can use it to heat my home right without overspending on extra use, this saves on my energy bill. The next thing was the fireplace. I distinctly remember using the fireplace last year, and smelling smoke inside the house when it was in use. That sure put a damper on using the fireplace for the entire winter last year. So I called the fireplace worker to come out and have a look at it, This way, the fireplace worker can check out my fireplace for safety before I use it.  I’m also tied up checking the windows as well as doors for leakage. I don’t want to heat my house, only to lose the heat because of bad gaps in the woodwork. With proper window and door seals, my heated air will stay inside my home longer. With our freezing northern temperatures, I need help to acquire plus keep my preferred temperature control on the thermostat on the wall to stop from losing all my money! Hopefully not breaking the bank this time.