Printing companies

Have you ever looked at something for a long time and thought to yourself that something wasn’t quite right? This happens to me all the time and it drives me crazy when I can’t figure it out. It could be that a wall is slightly crooked or the placement of an overhead light fixture is off center, and eventually I figure it out. This attention to detail comes in quite handy in my job. That’s because I am a proofreader for a local print shop and it is my job to try and catch mistakes before a job is sent or completion. Even though we have it in our contract agreement that final proof is the responsibility of the customer, we still have to try and make an effort to catch any obvious mistakes ahead of time. This also helps to build a good customer relationship with the people who use our services because we have saved them a lot of money in past by finding the mistakes for them. One of the things that drives me crazy at my job is the misuse of certain words. Take, “there”, “their”, and they’re, these three words are misused so much and I don’t know why.  Also, two, too, and to. I think sometimes people are in such a hurry when they are typing up a flyer or creating a sign that they just don’t pay attention. Setting up a program to print a large van or sign or someone takes a lot of time and the material the item is being printed on isn’t cheap. As a company we don’t like wasting money on time and materials either, so by finding the mistakes out of time it saves both the customer and us.

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