Practice with heating on full blast

I’ve been a professional athlete for several years now. I almost always get amazing results and place in the top of the competitions. I have a few habits and tricks of the trade that allow me to get such phenomenal results. First and foremost, it’s all about repetition. We as human beings actually flourish when we repeat certain activities or tasks. We just get better at anything we do, the more we do it. So naturally I spend almost all day everyday performing in my athletic abilities and sports. I train constantly, and this helps me attain peak physical condition and capabilities far beyond the person that only works on his craft regularly rather than constantly. Another secret I have is to practice your craft in every single condition possible. By that, I mean I train with every sort of variation in the environment. I practice in a lot of clothes; I practice in no clothes. I practice with the heating on full blast; I practice with the air conditioning on full blast. This particular one allows me to be ready for any situation or circumstance at hand. When the heating and air conditioning varies up drastically, I can become adapted to any sort of environment that I am forced to perform in. You never know if the heating or air conditioning is going to be malfunctioning in the competition’s, so being ready for any situation is one of my favorite tricks to getting particularly astonishing results. I’m often inquired about my training regime, and this is my best kept secret to attaining such significant placements.

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