Portable air conditioners handle brief summer weather –

Because the winter weather is the priority in the area where I live, I’ve never invested in a central cooling system.  With our brief summer seasons, air conditioning is simply not necessary. For those couple of months, however, the outside temperature can quickly climb into the triple digits and the humidity is often brutal.  The house can easily become overheated and clammy. Sleeping can be difficult, and there’s potential for mold and mildew growth. I finally visited the local hardware store and invested into a couple of portable air conditioners for the windows.  I was surprised by how inexpensive and lightweight modern air conditioners are. I store them in the attic for the winter and have no problem carrying them downstairs in the spring. It’s not difficult or time-consuming to install them into the windows.  Despite their compact size, these cooling units are quite powerful. They easily handle the worst of the summer weather. The air conditioners feature wifi connectivity, so I operate them through an app on my smartphone. It’s very easy to turn them on and off, raise or lower thermostat settings, and conserve energy.  I only the run the air conditioners when the rooms are occupied, and they are wonderfully energy efficient. Plus, the air conditioners are designed with HEPA air filters, which effectively trap airborne contaminants, such as dust, dander and pollen. Because of these portable cooling systems, the house is much cleaner, healthier and smells fresher.  The air conditioners have provided an economical and convenient means of handling the summer weather. My family now sleeps better at night, and is more comfortable during the day.

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