Portable a/c for the puppies

When my loving dog passed away, I was undoubtedly sad plus lonely, because she was with myself and my family for 12 years. I had my dog since she was a puppy, and all of a sudden one day she was gone. Then my wife felt sympathy for me plus hated to see me so sad and distraught, so one day last week, she brought home a new puppy… The tiny pitbull puppy is the cutest thing that I have ever seen in the whole world. The vet thinks she is a mixed with dalmatian, although I assume that seems a little crazy. It’s white with a single cute black eye, one black ear, plus a bunch of polka dots all over her shiny body. But she is a frisky thing, plus she always manages to get herself into trouble. Because last night, my wife plus I were watching some cable in the garage living space. The puppy was outside with us, plus both of us were watching an episode of Law & Order on rerun. The two of us were using the portable A/C unit, because the outdoor weather was warm plus muggy. The room was comfortable plus cool, plus the A/C component was working perfectly well. Then all of a sudden, I heard the puppy yelp, plus then the A/C component stopped working. I saw the puppy run out from behind the couch. The A/C component we have is plugged into an electrical outlet back there. I moved the couch plus rapidly realized why the A/C component was no longer working. The puppy had chewed right through the power cord, plus the piece was hanging from the outlet. I’m surprised the puppy did not get electrocuted and blown across the room. The two of us will genuinely need to watch her more carefully in the garage. I hope she hasn’t chewed through anything else, because a shorted wire can truly cause a horrific electrical fire.