Love my current HVAC system

I’ve always believed that society tends to take all kinds of things for granted, right up until that thing is no longer around. Whether it’s the best cellular service and a free wi-fi hotspot, or a hot meal and a toasty bed, us humans tend to feel we’re entitled to all of the comforts in… Read More

Inner workings of HVAC

I’d be willing to make a bet that the average homeowner doesn’t know a thing about how their heating, ventilation & air conditioning machine works. As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to go double or nothing on that bet, & say that the average homeowner doesn’t actually even know what kind of HVAC… Read More

Great style of heater

Everyone truly loves to collect something, right? Some of us spend a ton of money every other week, as well as pick up a rare artifact from decades past. Others are low-maintenance, as well as like to collect various comic books, games as well as other like items! For me, I’ve consistently been a sizable… Read More

What is going on with the HVAC?

The other weekend, my wifey as well as I went to an art museum! I had to admit, the works of art were actually glorious. The two of us would walk up to every piece of art as well as speak our thoughts about it. There were all types of art from paintings to sculptures… Read More

HVAC while pouring my heart out

I remember a few weekends back, I was truly inspired when they had poetry evening at a local establishment that we love to go to… I was there with my wife & both of us were enjoying some fabulous food & listening to the many performances. It’s weird that I was most impressed with this… Read More

Gran totally ruined the heater

I swear to god, our Grandmother is definitely one of the most demanding plus entitled humans living nowadays. She is always insisting that people drop everything plus attend to her every whim; not because she’s too old to do these things on her own, however simply because that’s who she’s always been her entire life…. Read More

The summer had no a/c access

Everyone I know happens to be sick, and the reason is clear. It’s not that there’s some crazy superbug going around, infecting the entire population. Instead, I’m positive that the cause is altogether environmental… You see, our outdoor air temperature has been all over the place for a few weeks now, and I’m easily certain… Read More

The gas furnace needs to be started

At times, I honestly wonder about my man. He’s so gifted in multiple ways… in addition to then honestly surprises me in other ways when he does totally stupid things. This afternoon, for instance, it came to light that he had not processed our insurance payment because he simply wasn’t able to remember the login… Read More

Good heating and air equipment

Sporadically it helps to be somewhat ignorant, that’s what I’ve come to learn after 30 years on this planet! I’m all for collecting information in addition to making informed decisions, but I also guess that there are times when it’s best to just go with the flow, the air flow, that is. You see, right… Read More

Getting our a/c repaired

The Summer has officially arrived, and so has the sizzling and humid weather.  After 5 months of snow and ice and about a month and a half of a moderately quick thaw, the Summer weather is usually welcomed by all with open arms right as both of us slide into May and June.  Just as… Read More