The main ac system

Bigger is better, right? This is not always the case. A big vehicle isn’t ideal when you’re trying to pull through the drive-thru lane at the bank. An oversized engine isn’t ideal for a tiny vehicle. in that same vein lies the misconception that a big central A/C system is going to make your house… Read More

Getting our HVAC upgraded

You ever have those neighbors that one up everyone else? You know who I’m talking about; they’re the ones who make it clear they have the best house and property on the block. They always have the greenest and most manicured lawn, the freshest paint on their homes and cars, and their homes are spotless,… Read More

Air quality issues in summer

So this is the first Winter I’ve had to experience living in a cooler climate in the U.S. and here I’ve been told that there are distinct seasons. The Summers can be somewhat warm, however nothing like the tropical area I moved from! Fall perfect cool and crisp weather and beautiful, colorful leaves, and now… Read More

What do air ducts do?

I say pecan, you say pecan. Okay, maybe that doesn’t translate well in writing, but you guessed what I meant. Like so many others who aren’t educated on the ins and outs of heating and A/C systems, I used to think the entire outdoor HVAC cabinet was “the air conditioning system”. If not for the… Read More

Need cooling for our dinner

My hubby and I enjoy to go for a night out for dinner now and then.  Both of us have our number one diners and sometimes just rotate them.  The other night every one of us went to our favorite pizza venue. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing meal in decent surroundings.  But… Read More

Cooling filters should be replaced

I have always faced dust irritations, and abiding in the northeast with all the switching seasons may even made it even more terrible. I am allergic to most pet dander, pollen of several sorts, and dust.  My family and I relocated to a duplex that was almost totally carpeted. After a few weeks, I resolved… Read More

Hair salon a/c equipment

  Summers are an extremely hectic season in my salon. We mostly get appointment for cuts and color although I we also have a manicurist who rents a station.  During the summer, it seems as if there’s a never-ending parade of graduation, weddings and birthdays, and the appointment book as always full. We see our… Read More

Need to update the heater

When I inherited my Grandfather’s house, I thought I had it made. I was given have a fully paid for house.  I had no rent or mortgage to worry about. There would be taxes and upkeep, of course, but a large financial burden would be off my back for good. I was looking forward to… Read More

Awful indoor air conditions

I spend 9 months out of every year in a boarding university 400 miles from my parents house; Come the first of July, classes are dismissed and we have to go home for a few months. Even though I never liked going back home for getaway, little did I know that this Summer getaway would… Read More

Haunted house a/c

Where I live, it is consistently very very hot on Halloween.  At the beginning of October I started converting the barn I have into a haunted house attraction for the local youngsters. I myself am all good without the constant presence of air conditioning, but by the time it is time to open the haunted… Read More