need to repair our furnace

I am nearing 50 years old, and I thought that I had seen everything, however until last weekend, things have been pretty quiet in my life… I have numerous youngsters who are in high university, and I have been married for the past 20 something years. Each one of my youngsters will be off to… Read More

They are hoping for a new heat pump

When my wife and I discovered that both of us were going to have a baby, both of us were both nervous, excited, and totally ready to move, but my wife and I already felt a bit cramped in our small 2 study room apartment. We were starting to think a move to a house… Read More

What I need to do for the heat pump

For weeks & weeks, I kept looking at the same list on my desk, I had a few things listed, such as important tasks & iphone calls that needed to be made; One of those tasks was calling the Heating and Air Conditioning business. My Heating and Air Conditioning device was due for a tune-up,… Read More

Portable a/c for the puppies

When my loving dog passed away, I was undoubtedly sad plus lonely, because she was with myself and my family for 12 years. I had my dog since she was a puppy, and all of a sudden one day she was gone. Then my wife felt sympathy for me plus hated to see me so… Read More

The HVAC warehouse

As soon as I graduated from university, our Dad told myself and my siblings to find jobs! I did not want to start graduate school until the fall, plus he did not want all of us lazing around the house in the summers. I easily wanted to hang out with my great friends plus go… Read More

What to do in the cold

Why is it, whenever it snows, all I really want is a cup of hot chocolate as well as my oversized coat. I think it is due to my Dad. He would allow us to go play in the snow. And then we’d come in icy cold and he would wrap our wet hair with… Read More

Gaining money for heated floors

Just recently we experienced a horrible HVAC control system failure. I thought everyone of us were done for. I absolutely have to hand it to my wifey though, she is a genuinely optimistic person because all the time while I was in despair, she was confident that we would have no trouble replacing the old… Read More

The coffee climate control

I was surprised the other morning when I went to my number one bakery, and when I walked in, I came to learn that the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method was on the fritz. They had a glass jar, sort of an appreciation tip jar, with a sign that said “Please donate for current Heating,… Read More

smart thermostat for energy savings

I own plus operate a small however successful hardware store. I am constantly looking for ways to increase profit, productivity plus security while minimizing energy waste, downtime plus safety hazards, then nearly half of our annual energy expenses are directly related to heating plus cooling. Increasing the efficiency of our corporation is a priority. About… Read More

Reducing those HVAC costs

Approximately fifty percent of our annual energy expenses are the result of heating and cooling. I live in the northeastern part of the the country, and there’s rarely a time when I can go without the furnace or A/C. The people I was with and I deal with hot and cold temperatures well below zero,… Read More