A good working a/c unit

I always seem to get myself into the most deranged situations somehow. For more than 2 years I’ve confidently watched people’s homes as well as pets while they went away on pricey getaways, as an example, so why wouldn’t I also agree to take on a job taking care of birds when it was suggested… Read More

Pup getting a radiant heater

When you imagine having a dog, what’s the most ideal situation you could ask for? A well behaved pet! Well, folks, that’s what I got when I started dating my boyfriend in addition to adopting his beautiful old dog as my own. This dog is everything I could ever want in a animal companion, in… Read More

Another source of power for the HVAC

I live in area that is at high risk of flooding.  Between the snowmelt and heavy rains, the Spring is an especially dangerous time.  When water fills the basement, it causes a good deal of water damage. Fixing it up is time-consuming, labor intensive and luxuriously priced.  There’s a good chance that fancy appliances such… Read More

The heater is not the only choice

When the furnace in my lake house started showing signs of failure, I knew really little about heating equipment.  My family had relied on the same oil furnace for the last two decades. Other than scheduling professional repair every year and also changing air filters, I never gave the furnace another thought.  I honestly hadn’t… Read More

The heater refused to work

I had such a superb time at my cousin’s birthday party recently. He just turned fifteen years old, and like all teenagers his age, he just wanted video games as presents! His mom works for a local software company, so she’s able to buy those games for him at a way cheaper rate than it… Read More

Could not get our HVAC to work

When my wifey and I moved into our up-to-date home, the two of us had high hopes. We’d come from an apartment that was full of problems from the ground up – literally, as the two of us were on the 3rd floor and the wood planks would move about under our feet as the… Read More

A nicer HVAC device

My wife can oftentimes be childlike, although she is a  wise person overall. I do love her with all of my heart. Sometimes she acts a little ridiculous, like she always asks me to go to the store when she already told me she was going to go. I might be working or something and… Read More

A new HVAC system

It really annoys me how bossy my spouse is. He feels that just because he makes all the money, he gets to call the shots about everything that goes on in our house! Even though he makes the money, I take care of everything in the house. I am the one who cleans the house… Read More

HVAC filter changing per month

For all my life, it seems I have always followed all the rules; Eat your vegetables, do your homework, be respectful towards your elders, all those things! Well when I finally graduated from college and got a good job I decided to get my own house. I have to say, it felt good totally being… Read More

The HVAC making loud sounds

Honestly, I don’t think how my fiance is able to stand me. I’m afraid of pretty much everything! Even the most silly things, if I see a bug or a spider I practically launch myself out of the house! Well the other day, I heard this bizarre noise and got really scared! My fiance was… Read More