Portable heating is no good

My parents were all about how expensive it was to live in a home.  Because of their constantly harping on the cost of heating, air conditioning and food, I learned to be a bit cheap.  When I was finally able to live on my own, I knew how to be able to live on $25… Read More

The a/c was way too much

It seems like everyone in my group has long been married and some have even been divorced.  I’m not really into the whole marriage thing. I don’t mind my own company and at this moment, I am quite happy with it just being  me. That doesn’t mean that sometime in the future I won’t want… Read More

The sale in a/c tune ups

There are easily a great deal of air conditioner repair places in this region. Most are the pop and Mom shops that aren’t nationally-known. There are a few of these air conditioner repair places. When my own family decided to move, we easily decided that we would transfer the heating, ventilation, and AC business that… Read More

the boiler in the warehouse

I’m pretty ecstatic about a new job that has happened after finishing the training for heating, ventilation, and AC School of the University during many years. Since that time I’ve worked around a tiny shop for some months. And immense online retail where apartment opened during the city, and now I definitely want to find… Read More

Did not change the air filters

My wife is legitimately an amazing woman. She is fair in addition to Sentimental in addition to organized like no other. She makes several lists at each month with errands, chores, in addition to important information. I love this especially, because the two of us don’t forget any important dates. My wife consistently sends a… Read More

Training to be a HVAC tech

You know how all the people consistently says that family is supposed to stick together? That phrase has actually started to haunt me other the last few afternoons now that my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C heating & cooling unit broke down. I have been using the same unit for the last several years, & one… Read More

Messing with our a/c unit

I have consistently been a big time prankster ever since I was a little boy, but at times it has gotten some pretty big laughs & at other times in life it has gotten me into a pretty big amount of trouble. Now that I am married to my lovely wife, she tends to fall… Read More

Issues with the apartment

My amazing partner & I have an home rental property, we purchased the property numerous years ago, in an auction, then the stadium needed some major Renovations. My partner is a building contractor by trade. We made most of the repairs on our own. We saved a good chunk of change that way, but my… Read More

the HVAC repair job

I work in a very tied up Heating plus Air Conditioning service building. The bulk of my colleagues and I are responsible for many or more than three repairs yearly, but there can be times when things become super busy, but most of the time things are the same. As of late, I was sent… Read More

the local HVAC business

It’s very hard to believe if a corporation will be reputable, so it’s pressing to do some homework before choosing any professional to enter your home, then there are some online resources that can help, and you can always hit up the Better Business Bureau as well. Most companies will have some type of report,… Read More