A nice HVAC device

When our my fiance and I won a free trip to a nice tropical island, the two of us were ecstatic! The tropical island was unbelievable plus the two of us actually enjoyed our stay at the locale… The only real issue was the airline that took us to our tropical getaway. The temperature control… Read More

The heater and a/c hardly worked

Recently when my wife and I  came to find that the heating and A/C method was incredibly loud when we moved into this new rental lake house. Before both of us signed the lease, we never remembered to check the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C method. We were so relieved that the landlord came… Read More

The a/c works a lot of hours

There was something funny about the weather conditions control system from the moment my girlfriend and I moved into this new rental beach front property… The thermostat was entirely in the hallway connected to the kitchen area. The rest of the beach house would practically freeze over anytime we were cooking, because the cooling system… Read More

Pressure with our heater and a/c

The other day I learned something. I learned you have to make sure to keep correct air pressure in your HVAC system, there was a time when I thought I could close off some of the air registers in our house to focus the heating and cooling in particular rooms, I found this was not… Read More

Setting up a better HVAC unit

Not many moons ago, I was talking to a buddy of mine about the best heating options, then he said that he had radiant heated floors at his house. He told me everything about them and how efficient the heating system was. He said it was so energy efficient because the heat radiated upwards honestly… Read More

Harsh a/c at our mall

Most days, I love any trips to the mall down the road from my apartment. I usually enjoy the chop from the intense Summer heat, & bask in the chilled air provided by the commercial-grade a/c running all day & night in the facilities. The bulk of my recent trip to the mall was unfortunately… Read More

Break requires good a/c

When I was a young boy, the only real escape from the relentless Summer heat was this little pizza and ice cream parlor in town. I had to walk down for about various or 6 miles to get to it, but it was well worth the trek each morning; That parlor had the most tasty… Read More

Can you tell heaters apart?

Last month I moved into my very first home with my partner. I will admit, there is a lot I don’t know about owning a house., I’ve only been in condos my whole life, so while I know how to do things like wash the oven plus how the dishwasher operates, stuff like the heating… Read More

An addition heater component

My handsome husband and I just made the first large step in our lives together and bought the house of our dreams! The locale has everything the two of us could ever want, including a barn and acreage for a couple horses. I appreciate horses and our partner prefers to ride, so to have property… Read More