The best people I met

Every year I totally dread the onset of summertime. I honestly chose this area of the country to start our family mainly because it has been known to have such short and mild summertimes… But every year I live here the summertimes keeps getting a bit hotter and longer. I think I should blame Al… Read More

I wonder how cold this weather will get

My next door buddy was a big time hoarder! After a while they took her away to a special home, plus her property, packed full of seasoned junk, just sat there for a rather long time. Finally a relative came to take a look at the property, and there was so much that needed to… Read More

It’s way too cold in here

I’ve got a twentieth birthday coming up really soon.  I am still trying to figure out what is best to get my husband for a gift.  I have a lot of fantastic ideas, but nothing shouts happy anniversary at all.  I bought a ventilation hood for our stove, plus I am trying to get it… Read More

I knew there was an issue

Not too long ago, I was cleaning my property.  I was so shocked at the amount of dust that was hanging from my ceiling lights and fan blades.  It seemed like someone had taken thin strings and draped them all over the property. I don’t ever remember having my property nearly as dusty as it… Read More

I waited forever

There was a time when I used to listen as the youngsters all told extremely scary ghost stories.  I easily didn’t believe in ghosts in the least, however they still would spook me out at times. I would rush to close our curtains at night, because I actually thought that someone might try to watch… Read More

Difficult time to be without an HVAC system

Our family has had a very rough time of late.  My grandfather had been very sick for the past six months and passed just last week.  My mom had been caring for him daily for several weeks and was simply exhausted. During that time, she not only had to administer medication, cook, clean, and even… Read More

Thinking about quitting

I’ve been working at this lousy restaurant for the longest while. I am honestly just getting sick of the place. The people I work with are not really team players, so I basically have to do everything for myself. It seems that everyone sort of feels that way. You can forget asking for help because… Read More

First time homeowner

When I first became a homeowner, I was so thrilled! I couldn’t believe I finally had a place that I could truly call my own. Of course, with being a homeowner, comes a great deal of responsibility. One of the most important things is to take good care of your household appliances. I wish I… Read More

These pants are so comfortable

Living in a state that’s constantly vulnerable by excruciating storms can really drain you, both mentally as well as financially, but it’s horrible to go into every hurricane season, knowing it’ll just take one terrible storm to take your house; The insurance rates for that reason are always expensive, so you end up paying big… Read More