The air cooling was not that great

When I was young I spent six or so months overseas as part of a foreign exchange student program. Basically I signed up and traded my room, and my spot in 6th grade, to another kid, and went right on over to his country. It was a wonderful time, to be honest, and I remember… Read More

The radiant heater installation

Sometimes you take a occasion in life and it rewards you heavily, and other times not so much. Recently I made a major purchase the other month for my home, one I had been saving up for for years, and now I realize it really actually wasn’t worth all the time, money, and energy I… Read More

Higher powered a/c

I have the best gift method ever in mind for my mother. My mom is 56 as well as going through menopause pretty hard. Her sizzling flashes are getting just terrible. She gets multiple sizzling flashes a day. Her health has gotten so poor that she has to change her clothing multiple times a day…. Read More

The movie theater a/c

My area only has a single theater. The actual theater has several cinema rooms in which you can watch films. Each of these individual theaters are quite nice. There is the grand theater room for major blockbusters that have nice recliner seats. Then there are medium sized theaters for when the film is just losing… Read More

Dad always wants the heater on

Imagining myself getting older has grown easier in time – that kind of scares me. Our parents are getting older too, and that can really upset me sometimes when I think about my Dad. I can’t imagine a life without him, but thankfully he is only now starting to show his age. For most of… Read More

HVAC set up on our porch

My partner as well as I have finally racked up enough money to begin putting our plan into action. We’re tackling the conversion of the sunroom addition to our home, which once was the porch. While we constantly enjoyed using this little space, the previous lake house owners turned the porch into something that looks… Read More

High velocity ducts are better

When I finished installing high velocity air conditioning ducts in my home, my head inflated several sizes too much. My ego was at an all time high, since installing high velocity air conditioning is quite straightforward and easy to grasp. The actual air conditioning device is fairly simple to hook up, too. In addition to… Read More

Having mice in the ductwork

I may be crazy about getting my ductwork cleaned, but I’m justified in my craziness! They say that every half-decade, you should call the local Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C company for a scheduled ductwork cleaning. I do a duct cleaning appointment every year, just to ensure the ducts stay practically sterile. Each time… Read More

Messed up HVAC

I was looking through my kitchen drawers the other day, in hopes of finding my new Ginsu knife.  I knew I had one, but I had so many junk drawers that I couldn’t figure out which one to look in.  I found a lot of receipts in one drawer, and a bunch of warranty cards… Read More

Air purifier for our garage

Every once in a while, I imagine I smell gas fumes coming from my garage.  Our garage had been used for nothing but storage for years, and I thought it may be time to clean out the garage and see just what was in there.  My husband and I set aside a weekend day so… Read More