Bills lowered with ductwork care

Recently I was having some trouble with my home’s air quality and temperature. It was an interesting situation considering our forced air furnace was still pretty new. It was running for lengthy amounts of time, and wasn’t keeping up with the drop in temperature outside. Even though the furnace always seemed to be on, there… Read More

Getting our HVAC set right

Me plus my roommate are really good friends, then ever since the people I was with and I first met on the first weekday, the people I was with and I have been nearly inseparable. One of the main reasons the people I was with and I are so close is because the people I… Read More

heating and cooling have bugs in them

When I was a wee little one on the emerald shore, I used to be truly terrified of bugs. Whenever I was outside at a park or in grass, I would scream when all sorts of insects would begin to crawl on me plus attack me, but now that I am no longer a wee… Read More

Cold feet-installing a radiant heater

I recently bought a three story home on a cul de sac in the prettiest area of town. It is my dream home and only a short drive from where I grew up. I am so happy to finally own my own place and to find one so perfect at the same time.  My home… Read More

Really want a career in HVAC

I really need to find a new job.  My body can’t handle sitting down at a computer all day entering data anymore.  I desperately need to find a job that allows me to be on my feet or working with my hands. I spent a lot of time researching new job opportunities that would fit… Read More

Time to upgrade the HVAC

The summer seasons around here are wicked, so my spouse and I have been saving up ever since last summer season! We were going to blast through this summer season with a new cooling system, just like we had been planning. So with enough in our bank account to get a entire new system, we… Read More

Info on how to fix a/c devices

There are cities as well as there are town, and there are big towns as well as small towns, now imagine the smallest neighborhood you have ever seen, then divide it in half, and that’s still bigger than the neighborhood near where I grew up. Mind you I wasn’t even a part of that tiny… Read More

The air conditioner chilling down the food

The end of the year always means a lot of happy children and a lot of parents dreading the break. Of course, many families like the time off and go on extravagant getaways and such however with our ladies it’s more love a never ending wrestling match.  I have 3 kids between the ages of… Read More

AC must have had mold in it

I had to take my grandmother for an appointment last week for some testing.  I wasn’t really looking forward to the day because driving with her can be difficult.  I had to drive almost an hour & trying to make conversation gets downright frustrating.  You see, she has a failing memory & sometimes seems really… Read More

How to skimp on who gets HVAC

Not too long ago, I made the decision to start working from home.  Before that I had been working in retail. This was not a bad job, but I couldn’t wait to take my breaks.  State law says that breaks must be taken at certain intervals. In the store I worked in, it didn’t matter… Read More