Cost effective cooling

My deranged old Uncle Bob just got out of jail again. He’d been in for about three years this time, mostly off some old warrants that he had never cleared up. Bob’s been in and out of jail for years, and that seemed unusual to me because he seemed like such a jovial, laid back,… Read More

A huge heating device

Back when I was a kid, I looked at the large houses at the end of the street and I pictured myself living there. But my family lived in a tiny home with a tiny yard! These big places really seemed like mansions to me. And back then, I really thought I was missing out… Read More

Need right climate control for candy

One of my uncle’s is jokingly called the chocolate king, because that’s exactly what he does for a living. My uncle had a troublesome childhood, and that record makes it difficult for him to find a job willing to hire him. He’s a wonderful guy and a great employee, he’s just got a bit of… Read More

A safety element with the fireplace

My landlord is a  sweet guy, however sometimes he falls victim of gender stereotyping, He is an older guy in his 40s, and does not think I, the young female Millennial, can safely use her fireplace! Granted, he is a firefighter, which is one of the reasons I moved into the building. I can trust… Read More

Getting good furnace installation

Last year, I needed to update the gas furnace in our home because of an unfortunate cracked heat exchanger.  I knew that any currently priced new heating method was going to cost me a fortune. I wanted to make sure I spent our money wisely, plus I did some research online as well.  I looked… Read More

short hot season and a/c

Because of the weather in the section of the country where I live, the heating plan is the top home priority. My family and I consistently endure several steady months of temperatures below freezing.  I spent a small fortune on a current gas furnace, and the bi-weekly heating costs take up the majority of our… Read More

Love having ductless a/c now

My house is equipped with a forced air furnace and central air conditioning system, which handles our year round temperature control needs no matter what they are.  For the most part, the heating and cooling system works really well. It undoubtedly handles the most severe weather, despite sub zero cold temperatures in the wintertime and… Read More

Forgot about the a/c service

I’m not excited when it comes to my cooling system. I certainly feel that if something costs you a ton of currency, you should not have to constantly put more currency into it. My vehicle constantly ticks me off, as I spend the currency for a brand new car, however the currency just keeps going… Read More

Adding humidifier with a/c

I remember having the very worst immune system as a kid. Where every couple of weeks I had some kind of cold, sinus infection, or also flu symptom flare-up that left me miserable in addition to unwilling to leave my little bedroom. Even worse, my parents had no idea what was wrong with me. So… Read More

Climate control when she bakes

Growing up in the South must be legitimately different to experience.  I was born & raised up North however my hubby is from the deep south. He previously lived in a small neighborhood that borders a river & life was pretty simple for them there.  He didn’t even have a shopping center or movieplex for… Read More