Our ductwork is all messed up

My family & I have a truly enormous amount of holiday decorations. The two of us decorate for all of the huge major holidays including St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, & Christmas. The two of us really have the most Halloween decorations, because that is our very favorite of all holidays. As soon as Halloween is… Read More

Heated flooring purchase

When I first heard about radiant heating in floors, I thought it seemed too fantastic to be true.  I went over to a good friend’s apartment as well as they were telling myself and others they had been in a motel room that had radiant heating.  She said that it felt love the heat was… Read More

Need good heating and cooling

I can still remember our mother kneeling inside her room, when it was seventy degrees out, with her heating system running.  She would be shivering badly, as well as her hands would be bright red, because she was so deathly cold. I use to think it was silly as well as all I could think… Read More

Cook needs a clean air filter

There are only a few things that I prefer more in life than cooking up an elegant dinner and enjoying it with a large snifter of port. The larger the glass the better, actually, because it enhances the taste of any food. Over the last few years I have developed my own little routine, and… Read More

The great working a/c device

Last week some well aged private school pals and I got together for a few beers and talking about the good old afternoons. It is something that all of us do once or twice a year, just to keep those classic connections strong. The gang of us graduated in the Class of 1990, and since… Read More

A huge a/c unit at the concert

I’m pretty happy about going to this concert that we’re going to tonight; it’s going to be a cover band for all of those boy band groups that were popular back in the 90’s, and the band has superb reviews. And who doesn’t like dancing to all those fun popular tunes from the 90’s? I… Read More

Logo for our HVAC provider

My wifey plus I work both work out of our cottage home. She works for a big pharmaceutical dealer. She transcribes orders from medical professionals, so they are neat plus tidy for the pharmacist to understand. I am in graphic design, plus usually spend most of the day drawing or putting together digital images. I… Read More

Graduating HVAC school

My best neighbor plus I have been acquainted each other for forty years. Every one of us met in grade school plus constantly maintained our friendship. Every one of us found jobs at the local steel mill. Michael worked while in the day, plus I went school. I worked at night, so I could attend… Read More

The bill and the air cooling

While I may be a true lover of the summertime heat, my roommate is not… They can’t rest going outside even if it’s just 79 degrees outside, which to me is just official summertime weather. 79 degrees to me means a fun day spent swimming at the lake, eating fro yo, plus making a cool… Read More

The boiler is not working really well

There are only a few things more frustrating than having to deal with getting mansplained to! Because I am a petite young woman, often people will assume I’m just a pretty face. Just today, I had to walk a plumber through my rental home, as my boyfriend and I had a small leak in a… Read More