Charter Boat Blues

At the office where I used to work, it was a tradition that anytime someone got a promotion they chipped in some money to a fund. Once or twice a year we’d use it to have an office party somewhere out in town. One year we rented a large charter boat for a few hours… Read More

A good heater in the mid-west

I’m not a control freak, I swear. I tell you this before my husband walks into the room and says otherwise, and trust me, he’s coming as quickly as he can. See, we’ve been having this great temperature debate for some time now, and I think he’s trying to gain popular support for his position…. Read More

Sissy population is ruining the earth

I can’t stand this anymore. I don’t know what is wrong with the world, where people no longer think that they should have any suffering in their lives. Who do they think they are? Everyone and everything on earth suffers; that is the nature of life. If you didn’t have pain, you also couldn’t experience… Read More

Control of the thermostat, car

I like to think that I’m a very easy human to get along with. I mean, I’m very nice; I’m considerate; I’m polite; and I don’t smell bad. What more could you need? However, I must be missing something, because not everyone is as cool with me as I am with them. I’ve heard a… Read More

HVAC reliance is ruining the earth

Well, I knew that the world was increasingly full of sissies for a while now, but I really never thought that we were ruining the earth with our limited attention spans and need for immediate gratification. I really thought that our obsession with phones, technology, and gadgets was only wasting away our brains and abilities… Read More

A cooling unit for the vehicle

There is nothing I hate more than a cinema that keeps its air conditioning device on too high. While I understand that it can get sizzling in the summer, there’s no reason to make your business so cold that I need to wear an overcoat in June to be comfortable… Especially with a location love… Read More

Need good yoga Heating and Air

  I recently made a big decision in my life when I obtained a building to turn into a yoga studio… The building really  needed some love as well as care, as it didn’t look like it had been occupied in quite some time! Yet, it was at a fine price and I was ready to… Read More

House needs three heater units

If my house is one thing, it is incredibly old. Thanks to its age, heating it up during the winter has proven to be a bit of a hurdle. The weather where I am can get ridiculously cold, so I am relying on my heating equipment for around eight months out of the year. It’s… Read More