The larger HVAC component

The other day, I was noticing that the air was getting rather warm in my house. I was not sure what caused it, so what I did was call up a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair company to come out and do repairs. I took down some notes, mostly so that I could let the… Read More

Testing out the a/c system

There was a time when the air in my home went from freezing to sweltering in a single afternoon. The people I was with and I had moved to this place which had been on the market for some time. We had a great deal given to us on this place, primarily due to it… Read More

Forgetting to tune up the furnace

Most people don’t pay too much attention their heating system and air conditioner in early fall.  Especially, because the weather is usually fairly warm. Most of the time, there is no need for temperature control.  Even when it starts to cool off, most people are not worrying about heating their home just year. After a… Read More

Having trouble repairing the heating system

My husband Carl and I bought a new home last year.  We invested a lot of money into repairs and decor. On an especially cold night, we noticed that there wasn’t enough heat coming out of the vents.  I am the kind of person who tries to solve her own problems. My parents taught me… Read More

The heater is losing us money

Last Winter time my partner and I were going through a bit of a rough patch in terms of currency. She had just gotten laid off of her task, and I was unemployed .The people I was with and I wanted to be able to pay the rent and keep our bellies full, so every… Read More

We are in the HVAC field

Hardly any of weeks ago my wife and I began to get into the home flipping scene… Each of us like to work with our hands, and every one of us are both retired so every one of us don’t have much going on in our day to day lives, and my wife used to… Read More

Fixing up heater device

I work on the filming of a show that does construction.  When we finished our last show of the season, the ratings were off the chart.  This gave us the boost we needed to have our budget approved for the next season and to give us the opportunity for future growth.  We have a lot… Read More

No heating in the house

I finally found the perfect job for me.  I am working at a job that I am really passionate about.  When I accepted the position, I gave my employer my two week notice.  I didn’t realize that I would be starting on the same week we got paid.  The problem with starting that week was… Read More

I like fixing HVAC equipment

When I was just a teenager, all I wanted to do was to learn about heating and air conditioning.  AT that time, all I wanted to do was to repair furnaces and air conditioners. I only worked on heating and air conditioning for my friends and family, since I never did go to HVAC school…. Read More

A cheap HVAC option

No matter when you take your vacation, it always seems to end too quickly.  You may have the best job in the world but you never want to return when the vacation is over.  What makes it even more difficult for me to return to work, is the fact that I don’t like my job…. Read More