Heat pump is not very good at heating in my location

How difficult is it to return a heat pump? I literally despise my geothermal heat pump system in my home. The geothermal heat pump system was super expensive. The actual HVAC equipment was costly, and then the HVAC installation tipped me over the edge. This HVAC piece of technology does not even work either. I… Read More

Winter weather and being overheated

The number one reason I like to go out West is because of the weather. It’s like a whole other world compared to where I am from where it’s incredibly cold and cloudy almost all the time. Then if you are there during the winter times, forget about doing anything. They call it the ‘winter… Read More

Sounds of the a/c blowing

The first thing that struck me as odd in this new house was how eerily quiet it was at all times. In every house we’ve lived in, there was at least a few creeks here and there. Almost as if the house was breathing, it was kind of comforting to me for whatever reason. When… Read More

Instruments and air quality

“Music is life” is my roommate Victoria’s motto. Victoria loves music, and she is very gifted in that area. As a child, she learned to play the piano and the guitar very well. In college, she majored in music, and she has been learning to play new instruments ever since then. Victoria and I have… Read More

Camping and the private a/c

Camping trips are my favorite part about summertime. My husband and I love to get away and go camping. It is one of our favorite hobbies. We have stayed at some of the best campsites in the U.S. We are not the type of people who bring a trailer or RV to camp in. We… Read More

Fixing a computer in a hot classroom

Going to a university is a wonderful experience. Usually, these four-year colleges are more effectively stocked with the latest in textbook editions, newest tech to assist in studying and lectures, as well as a generally higher sense of morale and school spirit. Meanwhile, local state colleges and trade schools tend to be more specific to… Read More

Being a comedian is tough

Being the youngest of five kids causes your parents to put a lot of pressure on you. They claim that they have higher expectations from you, but they simply think you’ll know to go right when your older siblings went left. Needless to say, my parents didn’t approve when I told them I wanted to… Read More

Having no A/C is plain torture

When my wife had her car break down on her, we couldn’t afford to have it fixed right away. She insisted that she would take the bus. I didn’t know if that was a good idea, but she said everything would be alright. We just had to save up some money to be able to… Read More

I was proud of him

My father was very sentimental. When my mother passed away, he took it very hard. He clung onto all the possessions that belonged to my mother. He even cherished the old furnace he picked out with my mother so many years ago. Whenever I would tell him he should have it upgraded, he said that… Read More