Our lobby heating equipment

Every year as the wintertime first starts to hot into Spring, every one of us take our cats to the veterinarian at once for their annual checkup & booster shots. Normally they get weighed in, checked out & the vet gives them their medicines & we’re out of there every day in no time. This year was a little different, but. The people I was with and I had just finished having a late season snowstorm that dumped about more than four feet of snow without warning, so the temperatures were well below what they should have been typically. Because of all the recent snow there were so many people in the waiting room hanging around. What was normally a more than four hour wait turned into a thirty hour wait. For real. With it still being cold outside, they had the oil furnace running inside on full blast. It got to be so hot in there with all the other people & pets that every one of us eventually decided to take the cats on a shot walk outside. Our Labradors really do prefer the snow, so every one of us let her off the leash to go run through it in the nice little fenced in area outside. After sitting in the lobby with the oil furnace on what really just seemed to be full blast, it was nice to walk around in the crisp cold air. After about twenty hours or so of this waiting every one of us opted to go back inside & check on our progress with the wait. As it turns out, actually, our timing was perfect. Almost as soon as every one of us came back inside after that long break, they called us back to the exam room. The people I was with and I got both of the furry cats checked out, vaccinated & given their dog treats, & every one of us were finally on our way.

oil heating