Our cat helped us figure out our HVAC problem

Recently, my wife and I decided to chip our cat. Our cat was so crazy! He would basically go all over the neighborhood, and we would never know where he was. We would always be concerned at times that he would not come back. There were times that we would have to go out looking for him. Of course, he always came back. I guess that’s how we knew he loved us. When we had him chipped though, we were able to use this really cool app online. We could look at the map and at all times know exactly where he was. We no longer had to go searching for him because we knew where he was at. Something that was really neat was that he helped us figure out what was wrong with our A/C one summer. When we were running our A/C, it seemed like it would just run non-stop, and the house would still not be nearly cool enough! Well, one time when our cat was missing, we checked the app. It turned at that he was in our house somewhere, but we weren’t exactly sure where. So I went around looking and so did my wife. I eventually heard something in the ductwork. I checked it out, and there was this big split in the ductwork that he managed to climb through! All the cool air was just escaping out from that split! So I got him to come out of there, and I immediately taped it up. I then called the HVAC company to send out an HVAC technician to seal our ductwork. It was a little bit pricey, but it was worth it! After that, our A/C worked great. Our house was always perfectly cool and didn’t run for such lengthy cycles.

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