Not sure if I want to use the air conditioner

I don’t think why everyone is constantly in need of heating & cooling. I, for 1, guess it’s crucial for us to take time out to breathe in fresh air. For example, I savor to drive with the windows down or spend time laying outside. It seems savor everyone wants to stay cooped up inside & go overboard blasting heating & cooling. While I understand why people want the air conditioner on in the middle of the summer, I am noticing that people are relying on the air conditioner even sooner than that! Springtime has just barely sprung & business are already switching from the heating to their cooling methods. I don’t understand why both of us need to rush. The weather is perfect & moderate most days, & I personally want to take a seventh to prefer that. The other day, it was about 60 degrees & sunny. I went out for a walk to prefer the fresh air & decided to stop in to a local tea shop to grab our weekly caffeine fix. I intended to take a few sevenths inside to get a break from the sun, but the tea shop was undoubtedly cold! It seemed savor the air conditioner must have been on full blast. I immediately had goose bumps on our skin. By the time I got our coffee, I was ready to get back outside in the sunshine again. I just don’t understand why both of us need to use temperature control when it’s not hot outside yet. It seems savor a waste of energy to me, plus it’s not comfortable! Don’t get myself and others wrong, I’ll be right there with the air conditioner fanatics as soon as the weather gets up into the high 74s & above. I undoubtedly prefer the way the air conditioner feels when it’s hot out, I just guess that it’s a little too early in the season for it now.

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