No HVAC in the wine building

I am having so many troubles with our wine facility. To begin with, I got all the licensing plus paperwork to have a building set up on our farm; I then got an electrician, Heating and Air Conditioning worker plus a building inspector. I thought everything was going superb, however now I am getting into it with our building inspector. He is saying everything is not up to code. He is nervous I don’t have a bathroom plus more protection around our building… Basically this guy wants us to shut down our winery until he is pleased. I honestly can’t stop wine production though. WeI are in the middle of the season. I have wine fermenting, grapes already in boxes plus all the materials are in the winery. I also have the electricity turned on and I am paying for it. I also just had the Heating and Air Conditioning company into our building to set up our modern heat pump system. The heat pump is hooked up and working at full speed. The building inspector is telling me I need to take everything out of the building. No wine, boxes or other materials. I also need to turn off the electricity and, even worse, rip off the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Yes,  the building inspector literally wants us to pull off the heat pump system. I would have to call the Heating and Air Conditioning worker in back to do it. I am not going to though. It would cost a ton plus potential ruin our heating and cooling system. I am willing to comply with whatever changes he has, just not the Heating and Air Conditioning, supposed, issue.

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