Quite a few residents of my old neighbourhood are older folks, living on a small, fixed income. There are also younger people, most of whom are unemployed, some because they genuinely cannot find work, and others because they are lazy. By reason of this, many are without proper medical care, nutritious food, and even a decent place to live. Those who occupy rented premises are at the mercy of money-hungry slum lords who charge too much for pest infested apartments, which have little or no form of climate control.

                In the absence of a proper HVAC unit, many of these tenants try to help themselves by having window AC installed. Most landlords have a problem with that and the box AC machines do not exactly enhance the look of a building. But what else can the tenants do? When Old Man Winter comes knocking, most of these folks must resort to space heaters. There was even a case where somebody was using a stove to keep warm, since there was no heat- generating furnace. This eventually led to a fire but fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

              I think there should be a law compelling landlords to provide basic amenities like a reliable HVAC system for tenants. Quality controlled air is a necessity, not a luxury, especially during winter when temperatures can drop to below zero. Regardless of their poverty, people should be assigned the dignity which should naturally come with being a person. I am not encouraging laziness. Lazy people should be made to work, but there are others who cannot and who should not be ignored, simply because they are poor.

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