No heater use for the week

Last week, we had a massive snowstorm that dropped over twenty inches of snow in one night, and a few days later, there was another fourteen inches added to that. There were over a million homes without power, and most of them had no furnace to keep them warm. There were people saying they were spending twenty minutes out of every hour, sitting in their cars with the heaters running, trying to get warmed up. They were unable to get out of their area so they could get gas for their generators, and run the furnace long enough to keep their pipes from freezing over.  A lot of people were worried about more than their pipes, because they had been without electricity for well over a week. It’s amazing how many people were pulling together, and huddling in only one home, so they could share their generators, and have at least one furnace between them. Kids were off school for over a week, because of no furnaces. Companies were shut down, because of no furnaces. It was the worst Winter storm situation I could recall in many years A week later, the electricity is finally on, across the state. Now we are looking at another nor’easter coming up the coast, and local families are already getting prepared for the worst.  We’ve got plenty of gas cached away for our generator. We have already cleaned the space heaters that we were using during the emergency, so we don’t need to worry if we lose power again. One thing I have to admit: the lack of electricity will sure keep our energy bill low for the week.

furnace system