Need to replace the a/c filters

Several Factors That Impact How Often Your Air Filters Should Be Replaced

Air filters are essential components of your heating and also cooling equipment. That’s why it is important to always keep them clean; but how frequently should you swap them out? There are numerous factors that determine how often you should change your unit’s air filters and they are:

The Frequency With Which You Use the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C System

The number of times you should update your air filters depends on how much you use your heating, ventilation, and also A/C unit. Like for instance, if you have a seasonal home, which you visit only once or twice every year, then you can get away with replacing the filters a few times a year. But for a lived-in suburban home, you’ll actually have to change the filters at least every three months. That said, it’s best to change the air filters every month if you can.

The Varying Types of Air Filter

There are air filters that are much more efficient compared to others. These air filters can trap more particles and of course they last longer. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on how often the air filters should be changed in your home.

The Usual Number of Occupants Present in Your Home

The number of people, as well as pets in your home, will readily determine the air quality in the house. A household with lots of youngsters and also numerous pets will need to update the air filters more frequently than a single woman with no children and also no pets.

Pets may consistently bring in more particles such as dirt, dust, or pollen and can also add more dander to the air inside a home… If you happen to own a pet or cat, you should have your filters updated at least once every month.