Need to fix the IAQ issue first

My sibling got me quite interested in the idea of purchasing an RV when she was touring with some artist. I don’t remember the artist very well, but I remember her saying that life on the road unquestionably makes you take in the world around you, plus you learn how massive the country unquestionably is! I was truly inspired, but I surely didn’t have the money laying around to lease a tour bus like the one she rode for a long while. I began researching the market, checking automotive trader magazines plus looking for a fairly priced, used RV that would be suitable for a solo ride. That’s when I found the perfect little winnebago only a few days into the search! It had over one hundred thousand miles on it at that time, however the entirety of the automobile was still in unbelievable shape plus the onboard heating, ventilation as well as A/C machine was still in decent shape. I met with the seller who wanted a modest sum for the vehicle, plus I insisted on getting in plus test-driving the RV before I made any kind of offer. Somewhat hesitant at first, the seller obliged plus we hit the road for close to twenty minutes. Immediately, I noticed that the air conditioning machine in the RV was only working at the front where the driver’s seat was located. I asked the seller if he noticed that the air quality in the back of the RV was somewhat lacking, plus he pretended he had no idea! The nerve of this guy almost made me laugh. To make things a bit worse, the air conditioning machine shut off on its own after a few minutes, plus started blowing air that was the same temperature as the outside! Driving this little RV with boiling air blowing in my face proved to leave me entirely overheated, plus I ultimately had to tell the seller I wasn’t interested any longer. He tried to make it seem as though I was totally wasting his time, however that wasn’t the case! I wasted time that could’ve been spent looking for an RV with fantastic plus reliable heating, ventilation as well as A/C onboard!

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