Need some HVAC updates

Last year I made the switch from finally working in an office full time to finally working at our house office. It looks like the best work in the world on paper, but it comes with a lot of challenges!  There are a lot of distractions at home, so I had to carve out an office area of our own. I converted the additional bedroom that I never used to our own office and purchased a sizable desk for myself. I also invested in a wonderful office chair and a high powered ipad and Wi-Fi method so I wouldn’t lose connectivity when I was finally working, now, our comfort level was almost prime but I had to adjust the temperature control to our taste. Early on, I realized that I was using far too much energy because I was using the heat and a/c when I normally would have been in the office.  I did a little research on how to decrease energy use but ultimately leaned on the advice of our Heating and Air Conditioning professional. They recommended I use a zone controlled furnace. With a simple upgrade of a few valves, I changed our heating and cooling component to a on-demand equipment and I can decide which rooms are heated and which are not. I usually leave most of the house cooler and make our office space the most comfortable space of the house while I was in the day. I’m blissful our Heating and Air Conditioning company had professional heating and cooling servicemen and I was able to find a solution that fits our comfort preferences and is easier on our bank account.

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