Moving to the Country

When I moved out to the country, I was so excited. I grew up in a pretty rural place, and after living in the city for years, I was aching to get back to the peace and quiet. The house I bought was an old fixer-upper, but I was excited to get started renovating it. One of the first things I knew I had to do was install an new HVAC system. When I moved in, the house only had a window unit A/C and a fireplace. I knew that I needed something more modern. After researching all of my options, I decided to go with a standard cooling system, but I made sure that it had a zone-controlled thermostat. This allows me to set the temperature to a different setting in each individual room. This is a great feature because it helps me save energy. If I am not using a room, there is no need for me to run the air conditioner in it, and that’s why I enjoy having the zone-controlled feature. Now, I have a fully renovated house, and I’m able to keep my power bill down to a minimum. If I had not insisted on that feature, I would probably have a higher utility bill to pay each month. I’m pretty big on energy savings, so this has all worked out really well for me. I’m glad to back in the woods and to have somewhere quiet to spend my days again. I love my house, and I don’t think I could have done a better job with fixing it up!

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