Moving out of state

My father recently asked me why I decided to move out to the state. I told him up front, and I was very blunt with him that the main reason I moved was to get away from my very rude and nosey friends and family. He definitely understands as they can be incredibly forward with their nosiness. Sometimes I don’t even think that they understand how they are being perceived by others. Nevertheless, this new area that I live is absolutely fantastic. The weather here is drastically different from my hometown, and that’s another main reason why I prefer living here as opposed to my original location. It’s a little bit cooler out here, but that’s never bothered me. It’s actually easier to put on more layers to compensate for the cold weather then being unable to take off a additional layers simply because it’s too hot. On top of that, I have a wonderful Heating and air conditioning system to compensate for the drastic temperature swings. Having a reliable heating system to keep warm during the cold winter days is absolutely essential to my comfort and state of mind. Since I usually work from home, it’s vital that I keep comfortable in the safety of my own home. After expressing all these facts to my father, he actually began to understand exactly why I moved from our home state. I think in due time him and my mother will actually consider a move themselves, but only time will tell on that notion. I’m really hoping he’ll at least consider it.

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